WA’s Largest Oats Processing Company Embraces AccuWeigh’s “Never Obsolete”

2019-06-13T16:15:14+09:30 22nd October 2015|

Western Australia's largest Oats processing company has recently received a supply of new end of line product inspection equipment as part of a plant expansion. The AccuWeigh supply consisted of two new Fortress Stealth BBK High Sensitivity Metal Detectors and two new OCS EC-E-EVO check-weighers. Read More

New Discontinuous Totalising Automatic Weighing Instrument Verified by AccuWeigh

2019-06-13T16:15:14+09:30 22nd October 2015|

AccuWeigh has recently completed the testing and verification process for a new automated weighing and discharge system for a new grain export facility in Bunbury, WA. The system, known as a Discontinuous Totalising Automatic Weighing Instrument (DTAWI) or a DATH weigher, was bought from overseas and shipped to the Bunbury site to enable the facility to load ships accurately. Read More

Mineral sand supplier improves production and safety with new packaging line

2019-06-13T16:15:14+09:30 19th October 2015|

As part of its ongoing promotional activities, AccuPak is continuing to highlight its full service capabilities of the Fuji-Ace robot palletisers. An AccuPak fully automatic packaging line was recently installed and commissioned for a large, central Queensland mineral sand supplier. The packaging line is suitable for 25kg to 50kg bags and performs all stages of the packaging from bag selection, bag closing, placement on a pallet and pallet wrapping. As this mineral sand supplier had to meet stri… Read More