On-ground scales for weighing vehicles

Weigh your vehicles and optimise your payloads and always remain CoR compliant

We supply, integrate, install, upgrade, and service an extensive range of truck scale solutions that range from portable wheel weigh pads, to fully custom-built and manufactured multi-deck weighbridges, to onboard vehicle weighing systems for virtually any vehicle. With 2018’s stringent changes to Chain of Responsibility party accountability, effective vehicle weighing (whether through scales or onboard vehicle systems) is essential to profitable and compliant vehicle operations.

Benefits of Diverseco’s truck scales

Our truck scale solution range

truck scales weigh pads

Weigh pads

Axle weighers

weigh in motion weighbridge

In-motion scales

Weigh Pads

Ideal for virtually all vehicles and operations on-the-go

Diverseco is a proud supplier of the Intercomp series of weigh pads, which are renowned for their precision, portability, and compactness. Lightweight and highly accurate, this all-aluminium design is ideal for uneven surfaces and withstands most weather conditions. Each weigh pad can facilitate in excess of 10 tons of axle weight, perfect for even multi-axle weighing or specialised weighing scenarios like crane telescoping tests. Simply place each weigh pad on an even surface and position your vehicle onto them, being mindful of axle positioning.

crane weigh pads
truck scales weigh pads
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Axle weighers

Low-profile solutions ideal for temporary sites

Ideal for temporary sites, like small quarries and construction sites, our portable axle weighers (also known as portable weighbridges) are modular, lightweight, and transportable. Our systems feature a relocatable deck constructed of steel. This deck sits on a movable frame that forms a solid base, which is then positioned on a concrete foundation (either in an above ground installation or a pit). Despite its lightweight design, our portable weighbridges can easily support the forces generated by truck traffic.

lpax portable weighbridge

Weigh-in-motion truck scales

Ideal for CoR compliance and preventing bottlenecking

Our weigh-in-motion (WIM) truck scales are designed to automatically capture and record individual axle group weights, identifying the Gross Vehicle Mass of the vehicle specifically for Chain of Responsibility purposes. The primary benefits of these truck scales is that they don’t require your heavy vehicle operators to stop for the weighing event – instead, at 5km/h just pass on over the WIM – which makes them very ideal for high-throughput sites. These are often referred to as WIM weighbridges.

truck scale weighing in motion