Protection against under and over-filling and improve product quality

Reduce product giveaway by checkweighing your products dynamically at high-speeds

Ideal for the quality checking and assurance of many packages and containers, our range of checkweighers proudly represents the industry’s highest accuracy at top speeds and permits remarkably high throughputs which lead to increasing line efficiencies.

Typical applications for these checkweighers include the prevention of underfilling and overfilling, resulting in brand protection and cost reduction due to less product giveaway and scrutiny. As well, the simple and intuitive operation of these checkweighers allow for an ease of operation and short familiarisation periods and trouble-free usage.

Common checkweighing applications

checkweighing for foods

Foods & Liquids

checkweighing for aerosol


checkweighing for pharma


checkweighing for chemicals


checkweighing for construction materials


checkweighing for cosmetics


Need to detect contaminants as well? Ask us about our checkweigher combo systems.

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