Using Checkweighers, protect against under and over-filling and improve product quality

Reduce product giveaway by inspecting your products dynamically at high-speeds

Ideal for the quality checking and assurance of many packages and containers, the WIPOTEC-OCS range of checkweighers proudly represents the industries highest accuracy at top speeds and permits remarkably high throughputs which lead to increasing line efficiencies.

Typical applications for these checkweighers include the prevention of underfilling and overfilling, resulting in brand protection and cost reduction due to less product giveaway and scrutiny. As well, the simple and intuitive operation of these checkweighers allow for an ease of operation and short familiarisation periods and trouble-free usage.

Industry leading innovators, WIPOTEC-OCS have over 30 years in the high-end manufacturing of outstanding Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Mineral, and Cosmetic ready Checkweighers. Proudly made in Germany, all WIPOTEC-OCS products and integration solutions are developed and built with the highest engineering skill. High quality and reliability paired with extraordinary performance characteristics and straightforward integration and achieved with the motto “everything from a single source”. Read More

About WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers

Highly precise, ultra-fast checkweigher manufacturers

WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers weigh every single product reliably in single or multiple lane operations and automatically eliminate items with the wrong weight from the product flow. If necessary, you can change the product flow by sending signals to the filling quantity regulation if overfilling or underfilling occurs. With these measures in place, you can guarantee that you meet the binding requirements of the pre-package directive.

The modular design of WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers makes numerous flexible options possible. The infeed and outfeed as well as the rejection are each adapted to the product to be inspected and your production line. This ensures the smoothest possible product handling and perfect weighing results.

Common checkweighing applications

checkweighing for foods

Foods & Liquids

checkweighing for aerosol


checkweighing for pharma


checkweighing for chemicals


checkweighing for construction materials


checkweighing for cosmetics


Checkweigher options

WIPOTEC-OCS Checkweigher EC-E Left View

EC-E Series

1,500g – 6,000g
9,000 pieces per hour

EC-E Series

Compact design, big performance

Capable of 150 weight values per minute, the EC-E is the ideal choice for both compact and high throughput requirements. The intuitive user interface ensures convenient operation via a clearly structured, 8-inch colour touchscreen. The EC-E checkweigher precisely weighs each individual product, records individual values, and ejects incorrect weight packages via the fully automated sorter. Your data is correctly and completely collected and you have the certainty that only factory compliant products leave your production halls. The checkweigher’s ease of use virtually excludes all incorrect entries. A reliable high tech machine, especially in the dry foods sector, with a very good price performance ratio in the EMFR entry segment.

WIPOTEC-OCS Checkweigher HC M VA

HC-M Series

750g – 7,500g
15,000 pieces per hour

HC-M Series

High precision for the average speed range

The dynamic checkweighers of the HC-M series provide the perfect weighing technology for challenging medium range checkweighing applications. They are the link to the series EC-E and HC-A scales and provide up to 250 weight values per minute for the complete medium range.

The HC-M is the most convenient answer, whether you need to check the current actual weight or perform a completeness check, or a sort, or a classification. The base frame is made of solid stainless steel and enables high precision weight determination at average to high conveyor speeds or throughput rates and provides 100% product checks in accordance with national prepackage regulations. The lightweight, patented conveyor system and carefully tuned drive concept ensure smooth, fast and safe transport. Component design facilitates implementation of custom solutions for various product shapes and forms. A sophisticated and wide range of sorters (pusher, air blast, etc.) are available for the reliable ejection of products having an incorrect weight, without interfering with the production.

WIPOTEC-OCS Checkweigher HC-A

HC-A Series

750g – 7,500g
36,000 pieces per hour

HC-A Series

For the highest standards in dynamic weighing

In terms of precision and throughput, checkweighers of the HC-A series are the logical response to meet the demands of modern, dynamic weighing technology. The machines provide the controls and engineering to create the ideal platform for implementing the complex regulation and control tasks. The HC-A is the basis for high end application-oriented systems that provide a maximum of 600 values per minute with 100% product monitoring.

Checkweighing videos

Checkweighers for any application


Checkweighers for highest hygiene requirements


Need to detect contaminants as well? Ask us about our checkweigher combo systems.

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