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Diverseco has an unrivalled history in the design, manufacture and commissioning of high quality, turn-key weighbridges and truck scale systems of all sizes and capacities throughout Australia.

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Diverseco weighbridges provide customers with an indispensable technology that enables them to:

Australian Made Weighbridges by Diverseco

Diverseco enables organisations with road transport supply chains to take the guesswork out of safe and legal vehicle loading of heavy goods vehicles (HGV). We offer a state-of-the-art range of both static and dynamic vehicle weighing systems, including:

With the increased accountability of all parties across the supply chain due to current Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation, it’s imperative to have effective risk management systems in place to ensure your road transport and HGV operations not only remain compliant, but ensure the safety of both HGV operators and road users alike.

Weighbridge Manufacturer Overview

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Diverseco's robust, reliable weighing systems enable organisations with road transport supply chains to improve operational productivity, cost efficien…

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Weighbridge Accessories

AccuWeigh SC-120-AL-TL Front-Right View

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Driver Control Stations

Diverseco DCS

Automate Vehicle Weighing Processes & Streamline Workflows

Chain of Responsibility Solutions

Onboard Truck Scales Road Train

In Australia, there are over 528,000 commercial heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) that make more than 300,000 000 trips p.a. A HGV is a vehicle with a gross…