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Weighbridges made in Australia since 1857, custom built for your operations

Proudly servicing Australian transport, logistics, quarries, mining, waste management, and agricultural industries, our pedigree as Australia’s most experienced weighbridge manufacturer through our heritage brands Ultrahawke, AccuWeigh, and Queensland Weighing Machines have positioned us as Australia’s go-to weighbridge supplier and installer for major sites across Australia.

Whether your operations are temporary or permanent, expanding or downsizing; we have a solution for you. We’ve proudly manufactured custom weighbridges to every conceivable industry across Australia. With over 160 years of experience in manufacturing and fabrication, we handle each and every custom weighbridge request with a rich knowledge of our customer’s needs and requirements. If you’re in need of a weighbridge – you’re in the right place.

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Benefits of Diverseco weighbridges

Which weighbridge solution is right for you?

To provide you the ideal weighbridge for your applications, we will seek to understand your operations using the below series of questions

Understanding your vehicle fleet composition is important for us to know for determining your overall weighbridge design profile.

Whilst we can use the truck type information to determine the largest GVM, we’ll seek to know more information regarding your vehicles to further determine your weighbridge requirements.

Understanding your industry will allow us to narrow down what your overall weighbridge requirements will include.

Understanding where your operations are located is important in determining the right weighbridge solution for your site. We can determine the soil profile based on your location which will determine the scope of the weighbridge requirements -with pit weighbridges we dig into the soil, so knowing this is critical.

What types of weighbridges are there?

We manufacture each weighbridge type, custom built for your specific requirements

Weighbridge semi-pit with office

Pit/semi-pit weighbridges

For space-sensitive sites

Pit and semi-pit weighbridges are designed for use in narrow spaces as they eliminate the need for the 1-meter clearance along both sides that is required for the maintenance and cleaning of above-ground weighbridges.

Heavy amounts of civil work is required for the installation of these systems, as the construction of the pit requires excavation work, effective drainage, and more concrete reinforcing.

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Above-ground weighbridges

Cost-effective with less civils required

Relatively cost-effective and easier to install than their pit-requiring partners, above-ground weighbridges (aka surface mounted) are the most commonly installed type of weighbridge that we design, manufacture, and install.

Well-suited for sites where the ground foundation might not be suitable for construction of a pit, or where space is not an issue, above-ground weighbridges are a commonly sourced solution for virtually any industry requiring accurate truck weighing.

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Transport logistics weighbridge
Weighbridge semi put multi deck

Multi-deck weighbridges

For road trains and multiple axle groups

Ideal for weighing road trains and for when your truck configurations contain multiple-axle groups that you are looking to capture the weights of all at once. Multi-deck weighbridges are most commonly installed at sites for removing bottlenecks at certain times of the day when weighing dozens of multi-trailer trucks one after the other.

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Weigh-in-motion weighbridges

Get truck axle weights without stopping

Our weigh-in-motion (WIM) weighbridges are designed to automatically capture and record the weight readings of each individual axle loading, and identify the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of both the vehicle and its trailer while the vehicle is in motion. Unlike static weighbridges or axle scales, WIM weighbridges don’t require HGVs to stop for weighing. Operators simply drive over the weighbridge at a reduced and constant speed of up to 5km per hour. This makes the weighing process more efficient, eliminating unnecessary delays and downtime.

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weigh in motion weighbridge
lpax portable weighbridge

Portable weighbridges

For temporary or shorter-term sites

Ideal for temporary sites, like small quarries and construction sites, our portable weighbridges are modular, lightweight, and easily transportable. Our portable weighing solution has been precision engineered to ensure easy, fast and stress-free installation and transportation, without comprising on reliability or accuracy.

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Turn your weighbridge into an operator-free system

With our Driver Control Stations

Through installing a Driver Control System (DCS) into your weighbridge, you can export all the necessary weighing data to an un-manned DCS that will automatically provide you a ticket with the information. Additionally, these systems can integrate into your existing ERP to provide enhanced Chain of Responsibility accountability.

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Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Weighing Systems

On 1 October 2018, the new Chain of Responsibility
(CoR) provisions associated with Heavy Vehicle
National Law (HVNL) legislation HVNL came into
effect. These will have far-reaching implications for
the road transport industry and organisations with
road transport supply chains.

Existing obligations have been reformulated as
primary duties and any business or individual who is
involved in the road transport supply chain now has
a primary duty of care to ensure the safety of road
transport operations, including operations outside
of their direct control, within their supply chain.


Weighbridge accessories we supply

We supply and install a variety of weighbridge accessories to suit your requirements

Weighbridge remote display multi axle

Remote displays