Scales, Weighing Equipment and Robotic Automation for Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics.

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The scope of services provided by enterprises within the general warehousing and storage industry has significantly increased in response to the ongoing development of vertically integrated supply chains.

Warehouses have been transformed to become complex distribution and information centres that provide linkages along a product’s entire supply chain, facilitating just-in-time supply of stock.

Accordingly, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers have adjusted their supply chains and now tend to hold less stock on hand and increasingly outsource their warehousing and distribution functions to third-party operators.

Rapid growth in online retailing has spurred increased demand from industry operators over the past five years, as many consumer goods are stored in warehouses for longer periods, rather than being delivered to traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers to be sold.

Diverseco is well positioned to support industry demands for the supply of technological enablers that provide our customers with new and improved capabilities through our wide range of weighing, dimensions, scanning and robotics automation solutions.