Food-grade metal detectors ideal for a range of products

Prevent product recalls in food production, pharma, and textile processing environments

Fortress’ food-grade Metal Detectors are conveyor inspection systems that will provide your operations with the peace of mind knowing that all ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel contaminants are detected with the highest detection accuracy the industry has to offer. With all Fortress Metal Detector solutions, they are custom-built for your operations and can include a complete, custom stainless steel conveyor system to the specifications of the application that is easily integrated into existing production lines.

Since 1996 Fortress Technology have been engineering industrial conveyor metal detectors that have solidified them as worldwide leaders in the field of high-precision metal detectors for foods, pharmaceuticals, lumber, textiles, and much more. Fortress metal detectors will always be supported with parts, software upgrades and a global service team for the life of the detector, so you can stay up to date with food safety initiatives without having to purchase a new detector.

What can metal detectors find contaminants in?

metal detectors for food


metal detectors for consumer goods

Packaged goods

metal detectors for textiles


metal detectors for pharmaceuticals


metal detectors for other applications


What metal contaminants are detectable?

ferrous metal detection


Steel (inc. alloys) and Iron (wrought & cast)


Aluminium, tin, lead, zinc, and copper

Stainless steel

Metal detector models

Interceptor Metal Detector 1

Interceptor Metal Detector

Fortress Interceptor

Optimised for inspecting “wet” products

Fortress Technology’s Interceptor Metal Detectors drastically improved stainless steel detection capabilities up to 100%, not only reducing waste but also costly false rejects in challenging applications.

Optimized for the inspection of difficult, wet products such as meat, dairy, and other conductive products, the Interceptor simultaneously analyses multiple frequencies over a broad spectrum to clearly distinguish the signal generated by the product from any metal contaminants. The Interceptor is available in either stainless steel or aluminum construction and is easily incorporated into existing conveyors, or can be made to be integrated by our specialist team of engineers and technicians.

Stealth metal detector with conveyor

Stealth Metal Detector

Fortress Stealth

Optimised for a wide range of applications

Fortress Technology’s Stealth Food Metal Detectors are custom manufactured and able to suit any application. These systems are integrated conveyor metal detectors with a surprisingly low factory footprint.

The Stealth uses digital signal processing technology and has high sensitivity levels to ensure the detection of the smallest ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel contaminants. The built-in data collection software with USB data transfer establishes the Stealth as an effective critical control point for complying with stringent HACCP regulations.

Stealth variants

stealth gravity metal detector


stealth pipeline metal detector


Stealth metal detector large bag

Big Bags

stealth metal detector pharma