X-ray inspection systems from WIPOTEC-OCS

For detecting non-metal contaminants in production lines at high speeds

Ideal for the detection of the most difficult and evasive product contaminants such as metals, glass, stone, bone, and plastics of different densities, the WIPOTEC-OCS series of food x-ray machines are the perfect solution for food processors and manufacturers looking to safeguard their operations and their consumers’ safety. The globally recognised and cutting-edge technology of these food x-ray machines will provide you the confidence of knowing you are in the best possible position in terms of quality assurance and recall prevention. Our product inspection specialists will be there with you along every step of your journey, from pre-sale consultation to post-sale installation, retro-fitting, service, and support. Read More

About X-ray inspection systems

The right inspection solution for every food industry

Within the food industry, there is no room to compromise on food safety: preventing your products from being contaminated is of the highest priority. Safeguard your operations from brand damaging and costly product recalls through utilising effective food x-ray and inspection technologies.

As a food producer or retailer, it’s imperative that you have a strong partner to help you ensure the best possible food safety for your operations. With less than perfect product inspection in place, you ultimately risk foreign bodies being present in your products and the subsequent food recalls that result with monetary losses easily reaching into the millions for many manufacturers. Through partnership with Diverseco, we can ensure your operations never suffer a product recall.

Industry leading innovators, WIPOTEC-OCS have over 30 years in the high-end manufacturing of outstanding Pharmaceutical and Food X-Ray Machines. Proudly made in Germany, all WIPOTEC-OCS products and integration solutions are developed and built with the highest engineering skill. High quality and reliability paired with extraordinary performance characteristics and straightforward integration and achieved with the motto “everything from a single source”.

What products are suitable for X-ray?

x ray products Ready meals

Ready meals

x ray products Pet foods

Pet foods

x ray products coffee and tea

Coffee and tea

x ray products cheeses


x ray products confectionary


x ray products dairy products

Dairy products

Spices and instant meals

x ray products meat and sausages

Meats and sausages

x ray products fish and seafood

Fish and seafoods

x ray products bread and bakery

Bread and bakery

What contaminants can X-ray inspection detect?

glass detection xray



rocks detection xray


bones detection xray


X-ray inspection models

Food xray machine sc-e4000

SC-E Series X-ray inspection systems

SC-E Series

Perfect entry-level models

The SC-E series food X-ray machines are the perfect entry to the world of ultra-modern X-ray inspection systems and the associated high quality product line of WIPOTEC-OCS. Designed and developed to meet the most stringent requirements of foreign body detection, with optional comprehensive software packages, these scanners become excellent all-rounders that reliably perform completeness, fill level and form check, as well as mass determination. Together with intelligent software tools (optional) for fiding packaging clips, the SC-E proves to be an excellent inspection system.

Food xray machine sc-5000

SC Series X-ray inspection systems

SC Series

Top performance with the greatest flexibility

The globally successful SC series of food x-ray machines meet the highest standards of modern quality management. Nothing is left to chance in terms of process safety and hygienic design. A high performance camera detector equipped with HD-TDI technology ensures high resolution and sharp X-ray images, while providing the optimal basis for the image processing software developed at WIPOTEC-OCS. The minimal faulty rejection rate combines with the maximal detection accuracy to provide the greatest possible safety.