Automation for verifying and scanning products into custody

Keep your products moving through your facilities efficiently and at high throughputs

There are some parcel shipping or transport applications where new items arriving on your premises only need to be identified by automated barcode scanning when they come into a new physical custody location. In other words, these items are being “scanned into custody.” They may also be scanned for purposes of determining sortation lane destinations from information embedded in parcel item barcode data.

Good examples of this application include air freight customs clearance in which parcels and shipped items are barcode scanned into a controlled and secured environment and pre-cleared items go through the line and non-cleared items are diverted into a separate lane for further inspection. Often such systems are integrated with specialized software from vendors like WiseTech Global.

5-sided scanning

Checking, verifying, and scanning into custody

Other applications include custody scanning into a freight or logistics cross dock that for a variety of reasons may not have a requirement for weighing and dimensioning the shipped items.

Diverseco is a world class systems integrator with a long history and deep level of industry expertise working with both Sick and Data Logic, the world’s leading barcode scanning automation vendors. This means regardless of your requirement we have access to the broadest range of hardware to solve any application challenge.

Whether you need simple top-side laser scanning for lower volume 1-D barcode applications; or high-speed, six-sided vision scanning for the most demanding barcode application Diverseco can design, supply, and support a custom solution to meet and exceed your requirements.

Barcode Scanning In-Motion

When it comes to the automation of capturing vital data on inbound (and outbound) products, accuracy and reliability are two of the most critical aspects for a system to deliver. And for freight operations, they need to know that they have received and dispatched products successfully.

Read more about how we helped our client get back on track with their custody scanning practices in the blog post below!

New barcode scanning tunnel

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