Inspect welding quality with the handheld Wiki-Scan

A revolution in weld quality management

A revolution in weld quality management, the Wiki-Scan is designed for pre and post-weld inspection and management. Prior to a weld, the Wiki-Scan measures joint preparation and fit-up, providing information before welding occurs. Why start welding if the joint is not within tolerance? After a weld, the Wiki-Scan can measure the weld bead and compares to set tolerance limits. For post-weld records, the Wiki-Scan will provide you an electronic record of all results (images, comments, measurement data, and 3D scans) to enhance transparency and reportability.

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The Wiki-Scan eliminates the time-consuming and repetitive task of manually measuring welds and joint preparations in the field with conventional mechanical gauges. Thanks to SERVO-ROBOT’s “point-and-shoot” technology, Wiki-Scan is easy to use and provides repeatable and accurate results.

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Wiki-Scan features and benefits

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