We are committed to providing solutions.

Successful personal behaviours include:
Engage genuinely with each other and our customers to improve outcomes.
Ask questions to jointly define the problem and identify the solution.
Encourage new and better ways of doing things.


We are loyal to our company and our customers.

Successful personal behaviours include:
Go the extra mile to deliver the best outcomes.
Know who our customers are, understand their needs, and take their views into account.
Serve across our business units within our organisation courteously, fairly and effectively.


We are competent and we strive for excellence.

Successful personal behaviours include:
Display the highest standards of professional behaviour including acting with honesty and integrity at all times.
Pursue professional growth and learning through our performance development reviews and agree on improving weaknesses.
Model our Code of Conduct and our commitment to our OHS Policies as an example for others.

Can Do

We are positive and display a can do attitude.

Successful personal behaviours include:
Listen attentively, question thoughtfully, discuss openly, and encourage others to do the same.
Learn from failure without being discouraged and apply that knowledge to achieve better outcomes.
Suggest and support new ideas and better ways of doing things.


We are passionate and caring.

Successful personal behaviours include:
Listen considerately and understand the situation, feelings and motives of our peers.
Promote a fun, optimistic and communicative environment.
Acknowledge the contribution of our peers.