Fully-automated dimension-weigh-scan systems

Improve your warehouse and DC operational efficiencies

With the exponential growth of the eCommerce and retail distribution industries, distribution centres are expected to keep up with increasingly demanding throughput requirements. For larger operations, these expectations can only be met with effective conveying and sortation automation providing that the systems are capturing and utilising accurate SKU dimensional data. Our intelligent sortation solutions allow for high-throughput and accuracy sortation of parcels from induction off inbound vehicles through to delivery to correct lanes for outbound delivery.

Partnering with Diverseco for your conveyor sortation solutions will ensure your operations are met with industry-leading technology sourced from globally recognised brands with proven sortation technology.

Companies We’ve Partnered With

For dimension weigh scan, conveying, and sortation projects

Scanning equipment parcels diverseco

Dimension weigh scan automation

Capture dimensions and weight

Capturing dimensions (length, width, height) and weight are imperative to the success of DC and warehouse operations. The ability to do so in motion, at high speeds, at a critical point along a conveyor line provides your operations the master data your warehouse management system requires.

Product verification

Integrated into our systems are barcode scanning automation capabilities through multiple-sensors at a critical control point, allowing effective inbound product verification.

Complete dimension weigh scan solutions

Complete remodels and improvements to existing sites

We’re highly experienced in building solutions from the ground up – whatever your goals and objectives are, our team of specialists are here to help.

Have an existing operation and looking to upgrade? Our specialists will work with you to realise your process improvements. With our Harmony software, the improvement process is made easier owing to an ease of interfacing with the existing software you have in place.

Conveying and sortation

Small and large-scale solutions

Modular and effective conveying available from one vendor as well as design, installation, and process improvement for any existing conveying and sortation system.

Cobots palletising process

Material handling

Let the robots do the heavy lifting

Utilising industrial and collaborative robots, automate the material handling of pallet loading and unloading, tote-to-carton picking with utilisation of leading vision systems, and the automation of product and pallet wrapping.

kawasaki palletising robot

Picking and packing

Utilise robotics in your DC and warehouse

Complete, turn-key automated packing lines that consist of tote-to-carton picking, carton assembly and packaging, sealing, labeling, verification and conveying sortation