Load cells for a variety of industrial weighing applications

The essential heart of every weighing instrument

Diverseco stocks, integrates and supplies a great range of high quality, reliable and precise analogue and digital load cells and force sensors of all types and models for use in all static and dynamic weighing applications.

We are authorised distributor of Avery Weigh-Tronix, Flintec, Kelba, Rhinstrum Sensortronics Thame Side, and Vishay load cells. These are engineered to the highest specifications and include: single point, shear beam, low profile, tank and silo, compression rocker column weighbridge, onboard truck load cells and double-ended beam load cells for use in a wide range of tension and compression applications.

Today, the electronic signals generated by load cells can provide organisations such more than isolated weight data; rather this data can be integrated in real-time into operational processes and will be used to improve the efficiency, productivity, quality and safety operations and will deliver important commercial benefits associated with processes such as: trading, payload control, batching, shipping and receiving and quality control.

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Categories of load cells

compression load cell

Compression load cells

Various brands, sizes, and mounting arrangements

Ranging in maximum capacity from just a few kilograms to even greater than 100 tonnes, Diverseco is able to provide a suitable compression loadcell for your specific weighing application.

A compression load cell is ideal for any weighing platform that must have a little give (rocking) in it during weighing, such as weighbridges, weigh silos and large, industrial platform scales.

Diverseco also provides the full range of mounting accessories for compression loadcells, including constrainer kits, top and bottom mounting plates, and ball bearings.

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shear beam load cell

Shear beam load cells

Various brands, maximum capacities, and physical sizes

Shearbeam loadcells are very popular in many industrial weighing applications and are ideal for rigid weighing platforms and containers such as weigh hoppers, platform scales, weigh bins, and several other industrial applications.

A shearbeam load cell requires load to be applied in one direction for best accuracy and can be inaccurate if load is applied from the side or in a twisting manner. Some loadcell designs overcome this by incorporating a double-ended shearbeam concept in which load can be applied in more than one direction but still produce and accurate reading.

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s type load cell

S-type load cells

Designed for tension (pulling)

An S type load cell is specifically ideal for suspended weighing applications where the weighing platform or container is mounted below the loadcell.

Loadcells are typically supplied with eyebolts which attach to the top and bottom of loadcells for connection to the load and mounting point. Eyebolts also allow a small amount of movement which allows the load to be applied centrally to the loadcell.

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cannister load cell

Cannister load cells

For heavy, industrial applications

The majority of canister load cells have very good environmental protection ratings and are suitable for use in outdoor or wash down areas due to their stainless steel construction and their hermitical sealing.

Maximum capacities range from 7.5t to 200t and a select range can be used for trade-approved weighing applications. Constrainer kits are also available for some canister load cells which simplify the load cell installation process.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Load Cells

Load cells are highly sensitive transducers which are the essential heart of every weighing system.

They are designed to sense force or weight under a wide range of conditions and there are different types and models to suit the various applications and requirements. Some types of load cell include: weighbridge load cells, on-board truck load cells, double-ended beam load cells, low profile load cells, tank and silo load cells, single point load cells and shear beam low cells.

Load cell on weighbridge after repair

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