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Diverseco is a privately owned, Australian based investment and management company that oversees and provides corporate services to its portfolio of assets, many of which specialise in measurement, automation, packaging, software, engineering and fabrication. Whilst all of its businesses are diverse and operate independently, most complement one other in terms of service provision and it was this strategic and investment alignment that successfully led the group through both a recession and the GFC

Driven by the continuous improvement of its people and procedures, Diverseco invests heavily in training and technology. With a global customer base and long standing relationships with prominent international suppliers, Diverseco has won many business and entrepreneurial awards and prides itself on its contribution to various charities, as well as ‘Higher Cause’ its own charity programme.

Highly respected by governing bodies such as the National Measurement Institute, Diverseco is most proud of its reputation as a quality employer of more than 160 people throughout Australia. Its dedication to its people is reflected in the quality of product they provide to customers and, as an extension of this, further delivers outstanding returns to its stakeholders. As Diversco continues to scope investment and acquisition opportunities, its primary objective is to ensure that its companies are at the forefront of delivering innovation and technologically advanced equipment, solutions and services.


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