Fully-automated, intelligent, conveyor-based sortation solutions

Keep your products moving through your facilities efficiently and at high throughputs

With the exponential growth of the eCommerce and retail distribution industries, distribution centres are expected to keep up with increasingly demanding throughput requirements. For larger operations, these expectations can only be met with effective conveying and sortation automation providing that the systems are capturing and utilising accurate SKU dimensional data. Our intelligent sortation solutions allow for high-throughput and accuracy sortation of parcels from induction off inbound vehicles through to delivery to correct lanes for outbound delivery.

The team at Diverseco has extensive experience in designing, commissioning, and integrating parcel conveyor systems that have provided many of Australia’s leading warehousing and distribution centre operations new levels of efficiency, throughput, and safety. Partnering with Diverseco for your conveyor sortation solutions will ensure your operations are met with industry-leading technology sourced from globally recognised brands with proven sortation technology.

Customers we’ve partnered with

What we can do for you

Customised Conveyors

Whether it’s reconfiguring existing systems or installing new ones, if you require customised conveying configurations, we have a solution for you.

Custody Scanning

At the point of induction, our barcode scanning automation will read parcel-affixed barcodes to aid sortation and accountability.
Intelligent sortation system diverseco

Intelligent Sortation

Using your barcode data our automated and intelligent sortation systems will direct all parcels into their correct lanes for outbound delivery.

Benefits of working with Diverseco

Watch the Hunter Express Timelapse

For Hunter Express we were commissioned to install a dimension-weigh-scan and sortation system into their new warehouse. For this system, inbound trucks deposit their parcels into cages which are manually inducted onto the infeed conveyor. The infeed conveyor then moves the parcels through a scanning tunnel that captures dimensional data (weight, height, width, length) and scans the barcode affixed to the parcel. This then allows for manual sortation.

From initial consultation to end-of-project remote support, Diverseco are able to provide service and support.

Our sourced products

Belt curves

Curved conveyors for routing, particularly in looped-systems.
Belt merge diverseco

Belt merges

Facilitates merging/diverging of 2+ conveyor lines. Ideal for all items.

Divert wheels

Facilitates diverging of 2+ conveyor lines. Ideal for smooth-bottomed items.
Carousel configuration conveyor from boewe systec

Conveyor carousels

Ideal for circulating items around manual sort locations

Conveyor configurations

Availability of a complete custom conveyor configuration to suit your requirements.
Shoe sorter conveyor

Shoe sorters