In other words, what is the problem that you are trying to solve? Different CubiScan or DWS system solutions will, logically, be better suited to some types of applications rather than others.

Dimensioning Automation Applications include:

  • Inbound and existing warehouse SKUs. Supercharge your warehouse management system with accurate SKU dimensional master data. These days modern WMS and WCS systems need very accurate SKU dimensional master data in order to make intelligent, SKU-level optimisation and material handling decisions at each of the different stages of the SKU’s journey through the warehouse.
  • Outbound shipping of packed orders at warehouse dispatch. Whether you are a busy warehouse, distribution center, 3PL, or ecommerce hub the capture of outbound parcel, carton, and order weight and dimensions – and the import of this data into a host freight or transport management system – is a critical task to get automated.
  • eCommerce fulfilment. Although eCommerce fulfilment is typically a different concept to normal warehouse and DC shipping applications, these can involve very similar tasks and challenges. In the case of 3PL eCommerce Fulfilment, the application is similar to outbound shipping. However, in the case of last-mile fulfilment, eCommerce can also be said to be very similar to a typical express freight cross-dock.
  • Barcode Scanning Automation for scanning items into custody. There are some parcel shipping or logistics applications where the new items arriving on your premises only need to be identified by automated barcode scanning when they come into a new physical custody location.  In other words, these items are being “scanned into custody.” They may also be scanned for purposes of determining sortation lane destinations from information embedded in parcel item barcode data.
  • Dimension-Weigh-Scan of parcels in express air and road freight.  With the continued rise of online shopping and eCommerce the trend to ever increasing volumes of express parcel freight for last mile service providers is set to continue indefinitely.The profiles of these parcels – and all parcels – can range from tiny, low-weight irregular shaped items to large, heavy, irregular shaped items – and all of these need to be identified by barcode scan, weighed, measured, conveyed, and sorted into delivery destination lanes at the rate of thousands and even tens of thousands per hour.The cost to send a parcel is usually determined by a dimensional weight formula, meaning the price is determined by either the parcel weight or the parcel cubic volume. Parcel Dimension Weigh Scan systems enable service providers to capture accurate legal-for-trade item measurements and ensure that parcels are sorted into the correct sortation lanes according to data embedded in the item barcode.Diverseco have more than twenty years’ experience with over one hundred installations of Dimension Weigh Scan automation systems and can design, supply, and support almost any type of custom bespoke solution to meet your unique requirements.
  • Dimension-Weigh-Scan of pallet goods in express, logistics or LTL freight.  Is it time to introduce automated dimensioning and weighing of pallet freight in your LTL freight business?  Is your LTL or LCL freight business leaking a million dollars a year or more in lost freight revenue due to the mis- or under-declaration of freight weight and dimensions by shippers?These are two common questions and are also the subject of two popular Diverseco blog posts that you can discover more from, here and here.Big money revenue leakage as a result of customers’ mis-declaring the weight and dimensions of their parcels is a core challenge for express freight providers. However, the same also holds true – on an even bigger scale – for many shippers of palletised freight. Increasingly more freight carriers are using the CubiScan 1200 AKL for automated cubing and weighing of their palletised freight.

Inbound SKUs and Existing Warehouse SKUs

Inbound SKUs and existing warehouse SKUs

Supercharge your warehouse management system with accurate SKU dimensional master data.

Outbound Shipping

A busy warehouse

Outbound shipping of packed orders at warehouse dispatch.

eCommerce Fulfilment

A warehouse used for ecommerce fulfillment

State-of-the-art solutions for both low and high volume throughputs.

Barcode Scanning Automation

Barcode Scanner

Diverseco is the Authorised Systems Integrator for the world’s leading barcode scanning automation vendors.

Dimension Weigh Scan Parcels

Inbound SKU's

Dimension Weigh Scan of parcels in express air and express road freight.

Dimension Weigh Scan Pallet

Dynamic dimensioning system for pallets

Dimension Weigh Scan of pallet goods in express, logistics, air-freight or LTL freight.

Conveying Sortation

Conveying Sortation

Fully integrated, sophisticated complete conveyor sortation solutions.