Serialisation, track and trace, and aggregation systems

Fulfil global compliance regulations and protect patients from counterfeit drugs

Full-scale Track and Trace forms the basis for enhanced consumer protection from falsified or diverted products. The technology equips manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors with a systematic approach to detect counterfeiting and control product diversion. WIPOTEC-OCS end-to-end Track and Trace systems enables information about the physical location of a particular product within a supply chain at any point in time. It also allows recording of historical data about movement of a product, time spent at each stage, as well as packaging information, and so protects brands and consumers from dangers presented by counterfeit products, as well as grey markets.

As the Australasian Authorised Systems Integrator for WIPOTEC-OCS, Diverseco is able to offer a broad portfolio of serialisation and aggregation solutions for nearly every application. Despite of the changing regulatory environment and different serialisation laws around the globe, WIPOTEC-OCS Traceable Quality Systems (TQS) are designed to fulfil the requirements of every market.

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Benefits of serialisation systems

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Serialisation system models

WIPOTEC-OCS TQS Serialisation Track And Trace System

TQS-SP Serialisation Systems


TQS-SP Series

User-friendly serialisation for use in small spaces

TQS-SP is a user friendly solution for the serialisation of individual cartons. The folding boxes are conveyed by a specially designed, double guided top band system that ensures stable positioning after leaving the cartoner.

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TQS-HC-A Serialisation Systems


TQS-HC-A Series

Serialisation and weight inspection customised to your needs

TQS-HC-A continues the convenient features of TQS-SP in terms of product management and serialisation, expanding them with a final completeness check by means of weight. Optional modules integrate the functionalities of our compact Tamper-Evident technology and country-specific vignette applicator.

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Serialisation videos

Optimal flexibility with TQS


One-to-one aggregation of bottles with helper code


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