AccuWeigh, which was the first company in the DiverseCo group, was established by Brenton Cunningham and Greg Brogan in 1992, when the then young entrepreneurs launched their first new venture from home office (from Brenton’s home) before moving to AccuWeigh’s first premises in Klemzig, Adelaide, South Australia.

From the outset, AccuWeigh established a reputation for providing great service and technologically advanced equipment, ongoing innovation and business process improvement.

Key to the company’s success has always been an employee-centric focus – that being the unwavering commitment of the founding directors to providing staff members enjoyable, fulfilling and secure employment that makes a positive contribution to their quality of life.

In July 1996, Brenton identified an opportunity to repeat their winning formula when he moved to Western Australia and established AccuWeigh’s operations in Perth. The move soon paid off, when the company made its first acquisition a year later and increased its capabilities when it acquired Weighpack Services from Ross Waller, who is now a Diverseco company director.

Following on from the success of its South Australian and Western Australian operations, AccuWeigh expanded into all eastern states after it acquired the agency for the industrial division of a major international scale company, Avery Industrial Scales, in 1997. AccuWeigh had become a national brand.

The company’s great growth continued, with AccuWeigh being listed in BRW’s Fast 100 Companies in 2000, when it was ranked at 80 out of 100 of Australia’s fastest growing small and medium-sized companies.

The company then continued on the acquisition trail with each acquisition expanding on the company’s capabilities and geographic reach.

In 2000, the group acquired Ultrahawke (Australia’s oldest weighbridge manufacturer). This was closely followed by the acquisition of:

  • Queensland Weighing Machines (QWM) in 2004
  • Independent Scales NZ in 2006
  • Budpak in 2006
  • Scale Components in 2009, and
  • Colonial Weighing in 2010
  • Sydney Weighbridges in 2015
  • Robot Technologies Systems in 2016

In addition to the company’s organic growth, these strategic acquisitions enabled the group to accelerate its expansion across the country and introduce new products and services to market.

For these reasons, Diverseco Directors have been recipient of numerous business awards, including the Telstra and South Australian Government Awards. In 2007, Brenton won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

From launch to the present day, a set of clear and consistent values has always been an integral part of the company’s DNA. These values continue to play a big part of what differentiates Diverseco from our competitors and provide the foundation for the organisation’s future growth and success.