Overload monitoring & CoR compliance onboard vehicle systems

Optimise your payloads and never receive an infringement fine again

Proudly one of Australia’s leading onboard vehicle weighing system suppliers and integrators, we have a huge range of solutions available for virtually any vehicle. Our systems range from axle overload monitoring systems to full legal-for-trade dynamic weighing systems. Utilising these systems will allow your operations to have the peace of mind knowing that you are aren’t in breach of Chain of Responsibility requirements and are also charging for the correct volumes of product being weighed.

Specialising in onboard systems that monitor payload and axle weight distributions, we’re proudly one of Australia’s leading go-to suppliers of Chain of Responsibility and HGV operation solutions. If you’re looking for ways to remain compliant and enhance your overall vehicle operations, you’re in the right place.

Benefits of Diverseco’s onboard vehicle systems

The Diverseco solution

Vehicle assessment

Vehicle assessment

Our range of systems can accommodate virtually any vehicle. Understanding your vehicle and suspension type is our first step.
Installation of onboard vehicle weighing system


Once the right system for your vehicle is determined, our experts will begin installing the system onto your vehicle.
Support onboard vehicle systems

Ongoing support

With support centres throughout Australia and New Zealand, we’re always available for local or remote support services.

What vehicle type do you have?

telehandler onboard weighing systems


utility vehicle onboard weighing system

Utility vehicles

van onboard weighing system

Light vehicles

articulated vehicle weighing system

Articulated vehicles

garbage truck onboard weighing system

Waste vehicles

VanWeigh overload monitoring system


For rigid vehicles under 15 tons

V-Weigh gives drivers and operators the peace of mind knowing that they can monitor their payload at all times from within the vehicle and keep their max gross loaded weight within the legal limits of the vehicles manufactured specifications.

V-Weigh is an axle overload monitoring system which is specifically designed for two-axled vehicles with standard coil or leaf spring suspension, which provides vehicle operators real-time alerts when they are approaching their vehicle’s legal load limits, enabling vehicle operators to prevent overloading.