Intelligent process weighing systems and software

Purpose-built for demanding industrial weighing applications

Proudly the authorised systems integrators for SysTec weighing indicators and filling controllers, our ability to meet challenging industrial weighing applications with industry leading technologies is second-to-none. From our initial consultation to understand your industrial weighing requirements to turning your operational problems into new capabilities, we are here to provide you the most comprehensive service Australia has to offer.

Liquid filling

Batching & recipe control

Optimise your operations by having greater control over your ingredients

Readily available for simple single product batching of up to 20 plus ingredients, our Systec IT8000E controllers feature internal logic for adjustable pauses, timers, discharge sequences and external outputs.

Custom-programmed batching systems are also available for complex batching needs, making them an extremely cost-effective alternative to overly complex PC-based batching systems.

Batching control features and benefits

Something fishy at the CSIRO!

The CSIRO had a requirement to dose 24 individual tanks each one with a particular quantity of fish, and each tank sample with a unique batch controlled recipe of different feed types. The rationale was simple: find the ultimate fish super-food. The approach the CSIRO wanted to take would allow them to carefully monitor the precise growth rates of individual fish and then compare the rate of growth against the exact recipe and quantity of food provided during the measurement period.

Trade Approved Hopper Scale

Bulk weighing

Weigh in bulk accurately and at high speeds

The controller captures the weight of incoming material and fill outgoing shipments to a preset target weight.

The controller connects to all scales with strain gauge load cells and enables maximum throughput through fast signal processing, as well as accurate fill control through fast acting trend-sensing pre-act adjustment and weight tolerance control.

The controller captures all relevant batch data for printing and data transmission.

Operator prompting and permanent indication of status with clearly structured menus on colour screen ensure fast and error-free operation and minimum training requirements.


Reduce product giveaway by inspecting your products dynamically at high-speeds

Ideal for the quality checking and assurance of many packages and containers, our range of checkweighers proudly represents the industries highest accuracy at top speeds and permits remarkably high throughputs which lead to increasing line efficiencies.

Diverseco are the providers of turnkey measurement and automation solutions.
From design, development and installation to deployment and maintenance, we offer you total peace of mind!

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