An overview to Diverseco’s dimensioning solutions

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The team at Diverseco are the leading Dimension Weigh Scan (DWS) systems integrators and measurement automation experts in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Southeast Asia region. As a systems integrator data export automation comes standard. Virtually every measurement automation solution we provide, whether a Cubiscan or an in-house product, exports captured data in near real time via your network. It is easy. Let us show you how. Read More

Dimensioning capabilities

Whether you need a simple solution like the Cubiscan 100 or Cubiscan 325 running our CubeMaster SKU data management software; or more complex systems like a fully automatic, high-speed, custody barcode scanning solution for customs clearance; or a fully automatic, high-speed, parcel DWS revenue-assurance system with automatic multi-lane sortation all controlled by our industry-leading Harmony DWS Control Software, Diverseco have you covered.

What is dimensioning?

CubiScans, dimensioning products, and automated Dimension Weigh Scan systems are critical measurement tools used in the logistics and supply chain sectors to automatically capture and determine the weight and cubic dimensions (LWH) of warehouse and eCommerce stock keeping units (SKUs) and fulfilment orders; as well as parcel and pallet freight items in air, road, and sea freight logistics and shipping applications.

These sophisticated measurement instruments or systems determine the weight, length, width, and height of the items that are measured. Combined with image capture, barcode scanning, and software applications the captured data is formatted in a digital item-level file and exported in near-real time to the user’s host IT applications for further processing.

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