Calibrating and servicing Australia’s weighbridges since 1857

We pride ourselves on our service and calibration capabilities

Through our history as operating as AccuWeigh, Ultrahawke, and Queensland Weighing Machines (QWM), we’ve been Australia’s go-to weighbridge calibration, service, maintenance, and upgrade specialists for over 160 years. We’ve calibrated, serviced, maintained, and upgraded tens of thousands of weighbridges throughout our history.

Weighbridges are heavy industrial weighing devices that are subject to great stress and are often exposed to demanding environmental conditions. For these reasons, the accuracy of a weighbridge, like any other weighing device, is likely to change over time and/or components may fail and result in a weighbridge breakdown. These factors can cause the weighbridge to provide incorrect measurements, which cause issues such as overfilling, underfilling, materials waste, and/or accidental overloading and and infringement of CoR compliance requirements. A weighbridge breakdown is likely to lead to production downtime and costly repairs.

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Weighbridges calibrated, serviced, maintained, and upgraded across Australia
Qualified and available weighbridge technicians across Australia

Why You Should Service Your Weighbridge Regularly

A weighbridge is a capital investment, and like any other asset, it needs to be well looked after if it is to deliver optimum returns.

It is also a precision measuring instrument and for it to perform its function accurately, reliably and consistently, it needs to be in peak condition.  But none of this happens by chance – and it certainly isn’t possible without proper maintenance and regular servicing.

Above ground weighbridge truck stop

How Often You Should Service Your Weighbridge

Weighbridges play an important role in many different practical and legal aspects of road transportation, logistics, traffic management, invoicing, operations and profitability (to name but a few), and although their outward appearance is rugged and robust, these highly sensitive pieces of equipment do actually require careful maintenance and servicing to ensure they remain in top working order.

But how often should you service your weighbridge?

Agriculture weighbridges

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