The system intelligence behind functional warehouse management systems

Dimensioning software that covers a range of warehouse and DC applications

With the exponential growth of the eCommerce and retail distribution industries, distribution centres are expected to keep up with increasingly demanding throughput requirements. For larger operations, these expectations can only be met with effective conveying and sortation automation providing that the systems are capturing and utilising accurate SKU dimensional data. Our intelligent sortation solutions allow for high-throughput and accuracy sortation of parcels from induction off inbound vehicles through to delivery to correct lanes for outbound delivery.

Partnering with Diverseco for your conveyor sortation solutions will ensure your operations are met with industry-leading technology sourced from globally recognised brands with proven sortation technology.

Diverseco dimensioning software solutions

Harmony Software

For a variety of DWS applications

Diverseco’s Harmony software is the system intelligence behind every dimension-weigh-scan and sortation system. Through Harmony, your existing WMS and internal software systems can be harmoniously integrated without any cumbersome changes to your existing software infrastructure.

CubeMaster Home Screen

CubeMaster Software

The intelligence behind Cubiscan

CubeMaster WMS Integration Software is an automation powerhouse. It incorporates a Microsoft SQL database and runs on a specifically configured PC which forms part of the overall Cubiscan solution. CubeMaster enables the detailed measurement, validation, storage, management, and data export interface of tens or even hundreds of thousands of SKUs to a host WMS application.

CubeMaster is always configured to each individual client’s individual needs. Our IT people work closely with your IT people every step of the way. If you want complex verification metrics, no worries. If you want something simple, that’s okay too. CubeMaster accurately captures and stores volumetric and verification data from any Cubiscan model and, with its easy to understand front-end, it’s a breeze for anyone to use with minimal training.

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