For many years, Diverseco technical experts supplied and serviced our New Zealand customer base  by operating across ‘the ditch’ before we became an incorporated company in New Zealand and opened our first office in 2017.


As the Authorised Systems Integrator in New Zealand for SysTec weighing terminals and filling Controllers, Diverseco supplies a range of advanced, fully programmable weighing terminals to weighing and process controls industry.

SysTec weighing systems come complete with custom weighing functionality, data handling capabilities and high-level process controls that can be tailored to customer requirements.

SysTec weighing terminals and process controllers are manufactured in Germany and possess powerful modular hardware and the concept of free programmability. They are designed and purpose built for use in demanding industrial weighing applications, such as: batchweighing and bulkweighing control; checkweighing; vehicle weighing, to name a few.

Discover more about our great range of SysTec weighing terminals and filling controllers, from our range of process weighing equipment.

Onboard Vehicle Weighing

As Authorised Systems Integrator for VPG Onboard in New Zealand, Diverseco supplies organisations with road transport supply chains and/or materials handling operations with our full range of innovative onboard heavy goods vehicle weighing solutions.

To ensure that the safe & legal loading of your vehicles isn’t based on guesswork or to accurately measure payload weights for trade purposes, dive into our great range of onboard weighing systems and source your solution.

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Product Inspection

As the Authorised Systems Integrator in New Zealand for our full range of checkweigher, X-Ray machines and track and trace serialisation systems, Diverse is well positioned to help New Zealand food manufacturers to:

  • Safeguard their brands by reducing risk of product recall
  • Reduce costs and product giveaway
  • Improve product quality

Food manufacturers wanting to ensure that the requirements of their organisation’s quality assurance system are never compromised can discover more about our full range of checkweighers and X-ray machines here.

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The team at Diverseco are the leading dimension weigh scan systems integrators and measurement automation experts in Australasia. We are also the exclusive agent for the world-famous range Cubiscan brand of dimensioners. So, whether you need a simple solution like a Cubiscan 1000 running Cubemaster WMS data management software; or a more complex solution like a fully automated, high-speed, custody barcode scanning system for customs clearance; or a fully automated high-speed, conveyorised parcel DWS and multi-lane sortation, Diverseco has you covered. Discover more out our warehouse and distribution centre automation solutions.

Men inspecting a dimension scanning machine on a conveyer belt.


Diverseco supplies innovative robotic systems with a dazzling array of features that enable them to perform myriad functions and provide high performance for a great range of applications and in any environment, no matter how hostile.

For these reasons, Diverseco has extensive experience in the provision of robotics automation systems for a great range of applications that include: palletising, materials handling, welding and painting, to name a few. Our robotics automation systems enable enterprises in a wide range of industries to automate repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks and increase productivity, product quality and efficiencies, which lead to lower costs, increased profitability, increased customer satisfaction and reduced WHS risk.

If you are looking for ways to transform your production processes and are looking for way’s to step forward into growth and forge ahead in the marketplace, take time to explore our solutions.

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