Forklift and Loader Scales

Forklift fitted with onboard scales

Diverseco has a complete range of kits available for fitting to forklifts and loaders to give them integrated weighing capabilities.

Onboard Vehicle Weighing

Prime mover Truck weigh system

Onboard Vehicle Weighing Systems suited for virtually any vehicle looking for Chain of Responsibility or Legal-for-Trade operations.

Weighing Overview

AccuWeigh Above Ground Weighbridge

When your decisions, operations and profits rely on the use of accurate, precise, reliable and traceable weight data, you can count on Diverseco.


Above-ground weighbridge at quarry

Diverseco, through legacy brand Ultrahawke, has an unrivalled history in the design, manufacture and commissioning of high quality, turn-key weighbrid…

Industrial Scales & Weighing Equipment

A500 Pallet Scale measuring 1000kg load

Weighing scales for sale from Australia’s leading industrial weighing company.

Truck Scales

Portable wheel weigh pads, to fully custom-built and manufactured multi-deck weighbridges, to onboard vehicle weighing systems for virtually any vehic…

Weighing Indicators, Terminals & Software

Diverseco’s great range of high-performance digital weight indicators, terminals and software can be found at work across industry, managing and…

Services & Support

Scale Servicing Team

Diverseco’s comprehensive range of weighbridge and weighing equipment installation, calibration, maintenance, verification and repairs services…