The world’s leading dimensioning system: Cubiscan

Supercharge your WMS with accurate SKU dimensional master data

With thousands of units installed across five continents and hundreds in Australia and New Zealand, Cubiscan are the Australian and world leader in static dimensioning systems. Leading brands with thousands of SKUs to manage use Cubiscan every day to supercharge their Warehouse Management Systems with accurate SKU dimensional data.

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Which CubiScan model is right for you?

First let’s try to understand your needs. What problem are you trying to solve?
Please ask yourself the following questions:

Question 1

Inbound. Do you want to Cube & Weigh SKUs as part of an inbound process in your Distribution Centre (DC), and then import this SKU dimensional data into your Warehouse management System (WMS)?

Outbound. Or do you want to Cube & Weigh outgoing parcels, packed orders, or freight items, including pallet freight or large crates at dispatch, and import this data into a Freight Management System (FMS) or similar host IT application?

Or, do you want to do both? In both cases we need to understand and consider item sizes, weights, and volumes; and in the case of freight at dispatch or at a cross-dock we need to consider actual throughput needs per hour.

Question 2

If you are focused on SKUs as part of an inbound process, how many individual SKUs do you need to measure in your warehouse right now?

Question 3

How many new SKUs do you anticipate will come into the system in the months and years ahead?

Question 4

What are the shapes of your SKUs or packed orders? Are they all boxes and cartons? Or do you have irregular shapes too – including a mix of cartons? In other words, with SKUs, do you need to also measure the (usually) irregularly shaped each within the carton?

Now, please take a look at the models below, which one sounds right for you needs?

Cubiscan options

Cubiscan 25 Higher Res

Cubiscan 25

Irregular shaped SKUs and small boxes

The Cubiscan 25 will supercharge your Warehouse Management System (WMS) with accurate SKU dimensional master data. The Cubiscan 25 is an innovative dimensioning and weighing system designed to specifically measure and weigh smaller, irregular-shaped items for distribution, packaging and warehousing applications.

Measurement range: Minimum 2x2x2mm (LWH), Maximum 450x350x305mm (LWH), and 2g to 6kgs.

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Cubiscan 100 With Box

Cubiscan 100

Boxed-shaped (cuboidal) SKUs

The Cubiscan 100 will supercharge your Warehouse Management System (WMS) with accurate SKU dimensional master data. The Cubiscan 100 is the industry standard for mobile cubing and weighing applications involving cuboidal shaped items. Hundreds have been installed around Australia and New Zealand including over twenty individual units at Australia Post.

Measurement range: Minimum 5x5x5cm (LWH), Maximum 60x60x90cm (LWH), and 20g to 60kgs.

Added benefits: OIML and Australia NMI certified legal-for-trade.

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Cubiscan 110 With Box

Cubiscan 110

Freight manifesting and dispatch applications

The Cubiscan 110 will streamline your freight dispatch and manifesting applications by working in in a more ergonomic way with in-line gravity or moving conveyors in a freight shipping application in a warehouse or distribution centre. Captured data can be easily exported and networked into your host IT dispatch or invoicing application.

Measurement range: Minimum 1x1x1cm (LWH), Maximum 75x60x90cm (LWH), and 20g to 50kgs.

Added benefits: Can be incorporated into in-line gravity or moving conveyors.