Industrial welding robots from Kawasaki

Automate your industrial welding processes and never worry about quality or labour again

Diverseco will help you to eliminate common welding problems and discontinuities such as undercutting, excessive melt-through, incomplete fusion, incomplete joint penetration, porosity, weld metal cracks and heat affected zone cracks, all through industry-leading welding robot systems. We have configurable weld packages in 350, 400, and 500amp options for the purpose of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Our specialists will work alongside your team to ensure, through our 4 stage consultation process, that your operations are aligned with your perfect robotic welding solution. From the initial consultation to the installation and post-installation servicing, we will alongside you in every step of this partnership.

Diverseco installed Kawasaki welding robots across Australia
Welding hours automated per day by Kawasaki welding robots across Australia

Benefits of robotic welding

Meet the robots

BA series industrial robot

BA Series

Greatest spot control
R series industrial robot

RA Series

High-speed welding
RA 15x series industrial robot


Increased motion and flexibility
B series industrial robot

BX Series

Greatest spot control

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Welding demonstration

Our welding robot project videos

We have a growing list of videos showcasing our welding robotics projects in action. These solutions are always bespoke and designed specifically for our customer’s unique operational requirements. Some of what you will see in these videos consist of

  • Solutions for small, medium, and large scale manufacturers alike.
  • Linear traversal units and single and multi-axis positioners.
  • Fully integrated weld vision solutions.
  • Custom designed and manufactured tooling and jigging.
  • High-production run environments.
Dual zone robotic welding

Static Robotic Welding

Steel Frame Robotic Welding

Dual Cell Robotic Welding

Robotic welding steel trailers

Welding Steel Trailers

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