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Diverseco Announce Appointment as Official Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) Partner

2020-07-10T08:45:27+09:30 2nd July 2020|

Diverseco are excited to announce the new addition of Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) to our growing portfolio of industry-leading automation and robotics systems. Continuing our suite of partnerships with outstanding robotics companies, we’re proud to have Konica Minolta and MiR alongside our other product offerings, which are pivotal to the success of various industries. MiR plays an important role in the evolving industry, logistics, and manufacturing sectors by adding highly reliable, robus… Read More

Cobots 2020: Diverseco to Present at Collaborative Robotics Forum in Melbourne 12 + 13 March 2020

2020-03-11T11:22:14+10:30 28th February 2020|

Diverseco is proud to be a key sponsor and a collaborative robotics partner for the upcoming COBOTS 2020: Intelligent And Collaborative Robotics Automation Forum to be held at the Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne, Australia, Thursday 12 and Friday 13 March 2020. The event has been carefully researched and curated by the organisers to deliver  state of the art insights from industry leaders and academics on the application of intelligent and collaborative robotics automation, trends and applications… Read More

Diverseco CEO Brenton Cunningham Talks About the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course.

2020-02-18T20:45:13+10:30 18th February 2020|

Diverseco CEO, director, and co-founder Brenton Cunningham recently completed a “refresher” version of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Course. He spoke to Diverseco’s Marketing & BDM for Automation, Rhett Talley, about the experience.   Brenton Cunningham is a busy man. Whether flying around the country for staff, supplier, and customer meetings across five Australian Capital cities where Diverseco have regional offices, or globetrotting in Asia as Diverseco c… Read More

Diverseco Announce Appointment as Official Solomon Vision Partner

2020-03-11T11:22:27+10:30 12th February 2020|

Diverseco are excited to announce the addition of Solomon Vision and its award-winning suite of innovative products to its Robotics portfolio. In a statement from Solomon Vision chairman and Founder Johnny Chen, “Solomon are happy to welcome Diverseco in Australia to our global family of distributors. We appreciate Diverseco’s long history of systems integration with other leading global technology brands and look forward to Diverseco implementing Solomon Vision into their growing capabiliti… Read More

Diverseco Announce Appointment as Official Australian Doosan Robotics Partner

2020-01-20T16:29:06+10:30 20th January 2020|

Doosan Robotics, part of The Doosan Group, the Korean headquartered, multi-national conglomerate founded in 1896, has officially appointed Diverseco as their first Australian distributor and systems integration partner. In our featured image above Diverseco CEO Mr Brenton Cunningham is pictured with Doosan Robotics CEO Mr Byungseo Lee during the agency signing ceremony at Doosan Robotics headquarters in Korea. According to Diverseco CEO, Brenton Cunningham, “the agreement with Doosan Robotics… Read More

Diverseco Announce OnRobot EoAT Agency for Australia

2020-01-13T09:03:59+10:30 10th January 2020|

Diverseco are delighted to announce our appointment as an official Australian OnRobot integration partner.   OnRobot are the world’s premier supplier of plug-and-produce end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for both collaborative and industrial robot applications. OnRobot’s innovative grippers, sensors, and tool changers help manufacturers gain the full advantage of collaborative and lightweight industrial robots, including ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and safety alongside human workers. Diver… Read More

How Safe Can a Robot Actually Be? Very. Doosan Cobots Represent the Pinnacle of Safety

2019-11-26T09:46:42+10:30 21st November 2019|

In January of this year, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) published its definition of collaborative robots in a paper titled, “IFR publishes collaborative industrial robot definition and estimates supply”, distinguishing which cobots satisfy the requirements of ISO 10218-1 and which do not. ISO 10218-1 is an international standard which regulates safety design, protective actions and guidelines of industrial robots. Doosan’s cobots well exceed these minimum standards. _______… Read More

An Indispensable asset for any material recovery facility

2019-11-07T16:21:37+10:30 7th November 2019|

When developing countries such as China opened the floodgates to receiving waste recyclables after it became a member of Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), there was no need to separate the seven categories of plastics. It’s easier and more economical for Australian companies to bundle it up and export it to China for ‘recycling.’ In 2017, Australia’s exports to China amounted to over 600,000 tonnes. These business practices have changed, of course, since China ena… Read More

Robotic Waste Sorting: The Picks-Per-Minute Illusion

2019-11-19T14:25:31+10:30 7th November 2019|

Recycling or waste sorting involves recognising precisely recyclable objects and extracting them as rapidly as possible to put them in the right bin. Human pickers are fantastic waste sorting machines. Their eyes are colour and stereoscopic vision systems that can capture 24 images per second. Their brain can process all of these images, learn to recognize any target object, and calculate the trajectory of an object on a moving conveyor. Furthermore, the brain can develop a complex grappling str… Read More

Diverseco Champions Work Health & Safety

2019-11-01T09:33:12+10:30 1st November 2019|

Diverseco wishes nothing more for its employees than for them to return home from work in the same healthy state as when they arrived that morning. And not just our employees. We also want the same thing for our suppliers, customers, regulators and even the general public that we cross paths with. For that reason, and like many other companies, Diverseco has a Health and Safety Management System to manage occupational health and safety, or work health and safety as it’s referred to in national… Read More

Diverseco To Exhibit Cubiscan 325 at Singapore Supply Chain Conference

2019-11-22T13:37:48+10:30 29th October 2019|

The Second Digital Supply Chain Innovation and Humanless Warehouse Forum will take place during the first week in December 2019 in Singapore and Diverseco are proud to again exhibit our Cubiscan products in association with this important Singapore Supply Chain Conference. According to Diverseco’s Business Development Manager – Automation, Rhett Talley, Diverseco will be demonstrating the Cubiscan 325 with mobile trolley. This top-of-the-range Cubiscan model is ideal for capturing the cu… Read More

Why You Should Regularly Service Your Pallet Scales

2019-10-29T09:54:03+10:30 26th October 2019|

Pallet scales are widely used in many industries for a range of industrial weighing applications including the receiving and dispatch of goods, bulk loading, weighing trolleys, vats and other heavy containers and counting.   They play a valuable role by simplifying and expediting the production process and are available in many different designs to suit a variety of applications. These pallet scales (or floor scales as they are also sometimes referred to) are often subjected to high-stress, he… Read More

Understanding the Leading Causes of Weighbridge Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them

2020-01-22T13:05:50+10:30 19th October 2019|

A weighbridge breakdown doesn’t only cost money in terms of repairs – it can also mean costly downtime, loss of production, time delays or penalties, expensive repairs or even fines because of legal breaches. A programme of preventative maintenance, ongoing inspection and regular servicing of both the mechanical and the electrical components is the best preventative measure than an organisation can take to minimise the possibility of a weighbridge breakdown, but let’s look at some of t… Read More

Do You Need A Complete Turn Key Palletising Line?

2019-10-15T17:17:52+10:30 11th October 2019|

Do you want to save time and money for your business? A complete turn key palletising line can be an incredibly efficient way to turn your packaged products into palletised loads ready for transport. It does this by managing your entire palletising process automatically, meaning you can palletise more loads with minimal operator effort.   Enhanced safety features The first operational benefit we will address are the range of safety benefits that these lines can achieve for your operations.… Read More

The Importance of Dimensional Data in Order Fulfilment

2019-10-11T08:51:43+10:30 9th October 2019|

Continuing on from the last blog post which outlined why your warehouse needs measurement automation, Bas takes a deeper look at two automation solutions for addressing order fulfilment and how automation (with precision dimensional data provided to it) can improve your fulfilment processes.   Automation Solution 1: Zone Routing The first warehouse automation option is one featuring a ‘simple’ zone routing/skipping conveyor system that services 8 conveyor zones followed by a packing area… Read More

Should Your Warehouse Start Using a Cubiscan to Dimension SKUs?

2020-01-23T09:37:14+10:30 8th October 2019|

More than ever, Warehouse Management System optimisation modules have the ability to drive efficiencies in warehousing and distribution centre operations. There’s just one catch: first you need a Cubiscan to weigh and cube all of the SKUs! As the Product Manager in Australia and New Zealand for Cubiscan, one of several roles I perform at Diverseco, I’ve had many conversations with supply chain managers and WMS vendors about stock keeping units (SKUs). Lucky you, I hear you say. But, please,… Read More

Is Your LTL Freight Depot Leaking a Million Dollars a Year in Revenue?

2019-10-17T12:42:32+10:30 2nd October 2019|

Every year LTL freight depots around the world leak millions of dollars in revenue because they have not adopted laser-based pallet freight dimensioning systems. Yeah, I said it: A Million Bucks. For sure. And I can prove it. No way, you say. Not us. We run a tight ship around here and always get the freight out on time. We rarely lose or damage an item and we’re great at custody scanning clients’ freight at each step of the way. Yep, our trucks are like the midnight train: they always leave… Read More

Improve Your Palletising to Save Money and Increase Business Efficiencies

2019-10-11T11:53:25+10:30 29th September 2019|

Any industrial and warehousing operation that is still relying on manual palletising is likely to be compromising their productivity, quality and business efficiencies. Manual palletising is no match for modern automated equipment in terms of speed, precision, productivity, safety, quality and outputs and in today’s highly competitive environment, businesses need to take every opportunity to improve. Palletising is the final step in an assembly line whereby the products (such as boxes, bags, c… Read More

Case Study: Flexible and Consistent Arc Welding Using Kawasaki R series Robots

2019-09-23T08:01:23+09:30 17th September 2019|

The following case study is about the use of Kawasaki’s very versatile, high-performance R series robots in demanding arc welding applications. While the scope of works in this instance is less than that delivered by Diverseco (then trading as RTA) at the Toyota Motor Company Australia and Mitsubishi Motors, the case study does describe how these robots can be employed to improve productivity and product quality. OVERVIEW As experienced arc welders become an increasingly scarce resource an… Read More

Multi-deck Weighbridge Installation Overview

2019-10-28T08:51:19+10:30 15th September 2019|

Multi-deck weighbridges are designed to measure individual axle group weight readings during a single vehicle weighing transaction. While it is possible to collate axle group weights using other weighing processes such as axle scales, in-motion axle weighbridges or even split weighing a vehicle; all of these are more labour intensive and prone to inaccuracy due to a multitude of external factors. The majority of overloading fines are not issued for vehicles exceeding their gross vehicle mass (GV… Read More

HGV Overloading is a Serious Issue

2019-09-10T08:49:16+09:30 5th September 2019|

With the new stringent Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws now in effect, it’s imperative that organisations with road transport supply chains implement mass management controls, as part of their safety regimes, to ensure the safe and legal loading of their heavy goods vehicles. Existing obligations have been reformulated as primary duties and any business or individual who is involved in the road transport supply chain now has a primary duty of care to ensure the safety of road transport opera… Read More

Why Pallet Scales are Essential for Stock Feed Manufacturers

2019-09-09T10:09:04+09:30 30th August 2019|

According to the Stock Feed Manufacturers Association of Australia, the latest estimate of annual feed use in Australia is 13.0 million tonnes in 2015/16.  This is equivalent to the cubic capacity of 6 large football stadiums. Considering the lack of differentiation between many stockfeed products, it is a highly competitive market where industry rivals are continuously looking for ways to reduce costs, improve productivity and boost profitability.  For this reason, their manufacturing processe… Read More

Calculating Robotics Return on Investment

2020-01-07T11:01:41+10:30 29th August 2019|

It’s no secret that robotics technologies can automate repetitive, time consuming manual tasks. In fact, robotics enable any enterprise to boost productivity, quality and efficiency. All this leads to lower costs, increased profitability, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced WHS risks. What is often less understood are the processes involved in visioning, designing and commissioning a robotics system that realises your operational objectives and how to calculate the rapid return on inve… Read More

Why Your Warehouse Needs Measurement Automation

2019-12-02T12:12:03+10:30 28th August 2019|

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and you’ve got that unmistakable look of excitement on your face. You see the courier you’ve been waiting for walking up to your front door wheeling a trolley loaded with four large boxes and you know what’s inside even before the doorbell rings. Hang on; four boxes, though?  Perhaps he’s delivering to the neighbours as well and doesn’t want to walk back to his van. Three days ago, you ordered four birthday presents for your two kids… Read More

Top 5 Advantages of a Weigh-In-Motion System

2020-01-08T15:28:25+10:30 23rd August 2019|

Weigh-in-motion systems  don’t require vehicles to stop when they need weighing, they simply continue to drive at a reduced speed and the measurements are taken and the data recorded – instantly and accurately. These weighing in motion weighbridges have become a first-choice weighing solution for many industries including transport, waste, forestry, agriculture, demolition and excavation, port operations, construction and mining. Their popularity has come about through the significant a… Read More