Riviera Bakery is a loyal customer of Diverseco and we have enjoyed providing reliable service to them for over 10 years, including supplying new inspection equipment in the form of checkweighers and metal detectors.

Riviera initially invested 8 years ago in a Fortress STEALTH metal detector to replace older-generation analogue metal detectors that were proving unreliable. With the Fortress system having proved its reliability and exceptional performance over the years, when a more challenging application came along, Riviera wanted to evaluate the latest technology on the market. Their requirements were for a cutting-edge, high-performance metal detector solution that would meet very tight performance specifications on a challenging product.

Their product profile consisted of a mixture of frozen and fresh rolls in cartons, with some variability in the temperature range when presented for inspection. These variations in product temperature, especially around frozen and fresh states, result in inconsistent disturbances in a metal detector’s magnetic field that can potentially result in a high false reject rate.

With conventional single-frequency technology, a metal detector’s sensitivity would need to be reduced to compensate for this variation.

However, by reducing sensitivity levels, this would reduce Rivieria Bakeries Brand Protection and potentially could jeopardise the contract for not complying with customer expectations.

This challenging product profile required the latest generation dual simultaneous frequency technology to offer the lowest false reject rate without compromising sensitivity capabilities.

We supplied the Fortress INTERCEPTOR model that offered a significant improvement in detection levels of over 30% compared with single-frequency technology, combined with an elimination of costly false reject events, delivering superior brand protection and improved uptime.

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