Cobot welding is revolutionising Australian manufacturing

Ideal for high-mix, low-volume welds and collaborative environments

Cobot welding is quite a new addition to the robotics and automation space and has received significant attention by manufacturers looking to begin automating some of their welding operations. Where the barrier to entry with industrial welding robots has always been quite high – significant initial investment costs and space requirements – that is not the case with welding cobots. Small to medium manufacturers often found themselves costed out of the automation discussion, unable to justify the investment, but now are able to reconsider automation with cobots.

Meet your cobot welder

The Weld Mate 355

Your collaborative robot welder

The Weld Mate 355 is your cobot welding mate; ideal for low-mix, high-volume tasks that enable your human welders to perform the more complex and specialised asks. It directly enables the up-skilling of your human welders by reducing (or altogether eliminating) the time-consuming, menial tasks from their everyday operation, empowering them to perform the complex tasks for which they are best suited.

Cobot welding solution weld mate components

Cobot welding videos

Top 5 Benefits of Cobots for Manufacturers

For manufacturers, cobots are the answer to the question: how can robots and humans co-exist safely in an operating environment?

Where their industrial robotic cousins require caged-off environments and are incompatible with working alongside humans, cobots are the exact opposite and have been designed with human collaboration as the outcome.

Welding demonstration

Benefits of automating your welding with cobots

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