Robots & Cobots are revolutionising a wide range of industries

From the mundane and repetitive to newly realised proof-of-concepts

We’re proud to supply the world’s leading industrial and collaborative robot solutions to a growing range of industry sectors. The combination of both Kawasaki Robotics’ range of industrial robots and Doosan Robotics and OnRobot’s cobots and robot grippers respectively, we’re able to provide a solution for virtually any application that is able to be automated. Have a proof-of-concept in mind? Get in contact with our experts who will work alongside you to turn your concept into a fully-realised solution.

Common robotic applications

Machine tending cobot application 2

Machine Tending

Cobots pick and place

Material Handling

Your Proof of Concept

Have an automation concept you’d like to know the feasibility of?

Our team of automation and robotics experts are here to help

There is an increasing amount of tangible, innovative applications that are being automated by either industrial robots of collaborative robots seemingly every day. At the speed that new applications are being realised, there is a very good chance that your proof of concept (your automation goal) is already live in a real environment. If you would like to learn more about your automation potential, contact us using the form below or give us a call!

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