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Robotics Applications

Industries worldwide have discovered the advantages of robotic integration, installing a diverse range of robots.

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Robotic Welding

Diverseco are the Australian Robotic MAG Welding Specialists

Diverseco will help you to eliminate common welding problems and discontinuities such as: undercutting, excessive melt-through, incomplete fusion, inc…

Painting Robots

Painting Robots at TMC Australia

Attain new and improved capabilities that include precise process control over paint finishing throughput, consistency and premium painting quality wi…

Polishing Robotics

Robotic polishing and material removal provides cost-efficient process automation that reduces cycle time while increasing accuracy and surface qualit…

Palletising Robots

Robot Palletiser

Robot palletisers alleviate the need for manual stacking of bags, cartons or drums onto a pallet and so increase end-of-line productivity, safety, pal…

Food Processing Robots

Robotics automation in the food and beverage manufacturing or processing sector provides improved safety, quality and profitability by optimising proc…

Recycling Robots

Advanced robotics sorting systems for use by the recycling and resource recovery sector.

Pick and Place Robots

Kawasaki Y Series Pick and Place Robot

If you’re looking to automate workflows using an industrial robot with versatility, power, speed and reliability, at a competitive price, you cannot…