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Robotics Applications

Industries worldwide have discovered the advantages of robotic integration, installing a diverse range of robots.

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At a time when all industries are undergoing a technological renaissance that is transforming how organisations operate, business leaders cannot afford to ignore the benefits that are delivered through robotics automation advances. By embracing them now, organisations can improve WHS, productivity, product quality, reduce costs and forge ahead of their rivals.

Diverseco designs and delivers robotic automation systems that possess a dazzling array of features that can perform myriad functions and provide high performance in all areas of industry and in any environment, no matter how hostile.

For over thirty years, the team at Diverseco (formerly trading as Robot Technologies-Systems Australia) have designed, installed and commissioned thousands of robotics automation systems for virtually every conceivable application, including manufacturing, welding, cutting and painting; and materials handling, sorting, picking, packing and palletising. A number of these systems have been ‘world first’ robotics automation applications.