Automate your machine tending operations

With OnRobot’s grippers, our Cobots are perfect for all machine tending tasks

Ideal for part production lines in manufacturing centres, Doosan’s range of cobots can easily increase the production efficiency for simple machine tending processes. The minimal factory footprint of our cobots coupled with their flexibility and adaptability allow any of your machine tending processes to be efficiently automated, improving your profitability and allowing your current machine tenders to be re-deployed to higher value tasks.

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Benefits of robotic machine tending

Meet the cobots

Doosan cobots M series navy

M Series

Moderate payload, high speed

A Series

Low payload, very-high speed
Doosan cobots H series navy

H Series

High payload, moderate speed

Cobots not enough? Need a more heavy-duty, industrial solution?

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Machine tending robot videos

Field Application: CNC Machine Tending

Loading and unloading

Field Application: Threading Machine Tending

Ideal for wet environments

About machine tending robots

Whether it’s industrial or collaborative, these solutions greatly empower your operations

What machine tending robots are seeking to automate is a rather simple handling process that consists of handling product to accommodate a machining process itself. This application – the machine tending itself – is among the most commonly automated tasks worldwide, and increasingly becomes automated across smaller organisations with the introduction of collaborative robot machine tending. Industrial robots are significantly more expensive than their collaborative counterpart, who are enabling small-medium enterprises to automate their machine tending processes, leading to greater operational growth and profitability.

Both Doosan and Kawasaki offer a range of cobots and industrial robots respectively that are perfectly suited to automating your machine tending processes. Their application is primarily centred around reducing cycle times, ensuring process repeatability, removing fatigue-induced errors, and improving overall WHS for your employees.

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