Fully automate your material handling processes

Utilising industrial and collaborative robots, automate your mundane material handling tasks to experience new levels of profitability

Material handling robots utilise their capabilities to transport, manipulate, adjust, pick and place, etc., various products of all shapes and sizes. By fitting the robot with the appropriate end-of-arm tooling (aka the “gripper”), the robot can efficiently and accurate perform these tasks to solve a wide variety of material handling challenges.

Whether you require heavy duty, large-payload industrial robots for more demanding tasks, or smaller, lower-payload and collaborative robots to work alongside your employees for these tasks, we have the perfect solution waiting for you.

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Benefits of robotic material handling

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Doosan Cobots

For collaborative material handling
R series industrial robot

R Series

High payload material handling
Y series robot

Y Series

Very fast, low-payload material handling

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Heavy-duty handling

For high payload requirements

Cobots material handling

Thermostat assembly

Kawasaki’s Y Series

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About material handling robots

Why automating your material handling processes is beneficial

Within the space of material handling applications, both industrial and collaborative robots are commonplace within industry. It wasn’t until only very recently that the scope of these applications could practically and reasonably be automated, owing to the introduction of the sophisticated collaborative robots we have available through Doosan robotics today.

It’s most common to find material handling robots operating within production environments containing conveyors. Common applications along these lines include loading and unloading, re-orienting items, packaging products, or any other type of application that involves moving or manipulating items. The potential for these applications is virtually limitless, owing to the capabilities afforded to the robots by their end-of-arm tooling (the “grippers”). A robot is only as effective as it’s ability to interact with the world around it, and for material handling applications the right grippers are essential for realising more and more nuanced applications. Automating these kinds of often mundane and repetitive tasks can see your operations benefit from new levels of production efficiency, operation repeatability, quality, and workplace safety.

If you have an application you’d like to see automated or have a proof-of-concept to realise, we’d love to hear from you and help you achieve these goals.

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