Kawasaki Industrial Robots and Doosan Collaborative Robots

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Industrial Robots

From Kawasaki Robotics

For automating the most demanding, high-payload, and not-safe-for-humans tasks

Kawasaki Robotics are a world-leading supplier of industrial robots that are suitable for a wide range of industrial-related tasks and processes. Their broad portfolio of robots and robotic automation systems mean that we’re able to provide solutions for virtually any industrial task your operations require.

These industrial robots are typically non-collaborative and require a caged-off area to operate in.

Collaborative Robots

From Doosan Robotics

Smart, flexible, and safe – cobots are changing the face of manufacturing and production processes worldwide. Able to operate alongside humans without the need for safety guarding, cobots open vast new applications for robotic automation across all industries.

The Doosan Robotics series of cobots have been designed and engineered to meet the needs of virtually all manufacturing, handling, processing, inspection, and packaging collaborative applications.