OnRobot collaborative robot grippers and end effectors

What enables the cobot to interact and manipulate the world around it

Diverseco supplies the OnRobot range of end effectors and robot grippers that enable organisations to automate tasks that many never thought possible. While we can custom engineer robotic end effectors to suit the requirements of any application, we are also an authorised system integrator for OnRobot’s cutting edge gripping and sensing systems that enable your workforce to work side-by-side with collaborative robots.

End effectors from OnRobot

onrobot rg2 robot gripper


2kg payload gripper that is highly flexible and used for a wide range of applications
onrobot rg6 robot gripper


6kg payload gripper that is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring a higher payload than the RG2
onrobot 2fg7 robot gripper


No-fuss parallel gripper for tight spaces and demanding payloads
3FG15 model robot gripper


Flexible, large-stroke 3-finger gripper ideal for CNC lathe-tending
onrobot mg10 robot gripper


Versatile electric magnetic gripper for safe and precise collaborative applications
Gecko single pad gripper onrobot

Gecko Single Pad

Compact, no-mark gecko single pad adhesive gripper for flat, smooth or perforated objects
onrobot soft gripper

Soft Gripper

Flexible, certified food-grade soft gripper for safely handling fragile objects
onrobot vg10 robot gripper


Flexible, adjustable electrical vacuum gripper that requires no external air supply
onrobot vgc10 robot gripper


Compact, customisable electrical vacuum gripper perfect for tight spaces
onrobot vgp20 robot gripper


Compact, customisable electrical vacuum gripper perfect for tight spaces


Highly versatile palletising gripper with integrated vacuum capabilities