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Painting Robots

Attain new and improved capabilities that include precise process control over paint finishing throughput, consistency and premium painting quality with painting robots.

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Let the Diverseco team share our expertise in painting robots with you to help you attain new and improved painting capabilities that include precise process control over paint finishing throughput, consistency and premium painting quality.

Robot painting automation requires not only precise control of the robotic motion, but also the fine and exacting application of paint. This is realised through the use of specialist painting robotics equipment and associated technologies that include: an explosion-proof robot arm, spray applicator/bell, gear pumps, colour change manifolds, solenoid valves, transducers and pressure regulators. The robotic arm components allow for painting robots to have enhanced reach and flexibility, allowing them greater freedom of movement (in a singular spot) than that of human painters. These robots can also be installed on various surfaces to enhance these capabilities.

Not without mention are the safety capabilities painting robots can provide your operations. Ensuring the safety and health of your workers is a major benefit of introducing this level of automation. From collision detection and prevention software to allowing your workers to not be constantly exposed to potentially hazardous volatile organic compounds, these robots are well-suited to greatly enhance your overall operational safety.

Our team of technicians have extensive experience in robot painting automation and can offer support to this complex application. Our most outstanding painting application project was for Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, where we installed and commissioned 52 robots across multiple installations for the painting of car bodies and plastic bumper bars. The painting robotics systems that we developed, which included a patented cartridge system for base colour coats, were extremely efficient and also environmentally friendly solutions.

Our robotic painting solution enabled Toyota Australia to streamline the painting process and improve quality. We continued to support Toyota Australia on a 24/7 basis up to the automotive manufacturing plant’s closure in 2018.