Multi-deck weighbridges – the larger of the available drive-on vehicle weighing solutions that companies use to capture axle group weights for Chain of Responsibility – are always an exciting project for our service team to undertake. Why is this? At the core of a successful multi-deck weighbridge solution is the seamless weighing automation and data collection that underpins it – calculating axle group readings simultaneously, feeding it to the weighing indicator, and displaying it on the remote display for vehicle operators to see, all accurately and efficiently, every time.

5 deck weighbridge installation 1

The multi-deck solution itself, as the name implies, contains, in this case, 5 individual decks in total that are specifically designed to ensure that each of the user’s (the company’s) axle-groups of each vehicle that is weighed can be captured simultaneously without the need to stop-and-start across the weighing area of a smaller, less bespoke weighbridge. This allows for vehicle operators to capture their entire vehicle load accurately and all at once and is a great solution to remove bottlenecks for vehicles entering or leaving the premises.

5 deck weighbridge installation 2

This particular multi-deck weighbridge was an entirely in-ground solution, meaning that the bridge itself is flush with the rest of the site surroundings as you can see here. Each of the openings above are to provide easy access to the underside of the bridge where the loadcells are located as well as the electronics – all of which are protected from the elements.

5 Deck weighbridge axle weight indicator lights

The above Aurora 45SS Remote Display provides both individual and aggregated total mass of individual axle groups in an easy-to-read (at any time of day) manner to the vehicle operators so that they accurately know the weight that is being exerted on each of their vehicle axle groups.

5 deck weighbridge indicator indoors

These axle group weight readings are also fed to the Systec IT8000E indicator that utilises our Diverseco weighbridge software and sums each of the 5 decks and feeds this information into the Aurora 45SS remote display. The IT8000E and the weighbridge software are the necessary intelligence for receiving the weight readings from the weighbridge itself.

5 Deck weighbridge approach

With this solution in place our customer can now accurately and automatically weigh their outbound loaded heavy goods vehicles to ensure their logistics and transport operations are both efficient and Chain of Responsibility compliant.

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