Recently we had a customer approach us to design, manufacture, install, and service (post-sales) a new axle weighing weighbridge for their Queensland site.

They needed this mass management solution to weigh each truck axle, ensuring they were Chain of Responsibility compliant and therefore legal to drive on Australian roads. This is the most common reason for our customers approaching us to install these solutions – and it’s a major necessity for ongoing and compliant operations.

CIP Constructions WB Comp 1

A total of two days were required to fit and complete the solution – a fantastic turnaround by our Queensland service team who worked tirelessly to ensure the customer had their solution ready to go as soon as possible. This is particularly important if there is not an existing CoR mass management solution in place already.

CIP Constructions WB Comp 2

With this solution now in place, the customer can comfortably continue their logistical operations without concern for breaching CoR legislation, protecting their supply chain operators and primary parties from incurring infringement penalties as well as contributing to the sustainability of Australian roads.

Diverseco are Australia’s oldest and most trusted weighbridge manufacturer, supplier, and service provider, with a history dating back over 160 years under the Ultrahawke brand. No Chain of Responsibility vehicle weighing and mass management solution is outside of our capabilities.

Diverserco are the providers of turnkey measurement and automation solutions.
From design, development and installation to deployment and maintenance, we offer you total peace of mind!

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