Foodpro 2023, held between 23 – 26 July, has come and gone and we were excited to be a part of such an amazing show once again.

The event itself was home to so many marvellous and innovative technologies that, at their core, are positioned to enhance the manufacturing capabilities of Australian companies, and we were among the celebration.

We showcased a range of machinery and technologies that are catered to improving and optimising a broad range of food manufacturing capabilities – from food-grade metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems that detect contaminants at critical control points along processing lines, to various sealing, taping, and cartoning machines for packaging automation, and the new addition to our robotics automation portfolio from Doosan Robotics, the E-Series food-safe cobot that can be implemented in food production and processing operations to automate a whole range of food-related tasks. With our extensive range of food production and processing solutions, we’re a unique solutions provider that can greatly increase the operational efficiencies of food manufacturers across virtually the entire scope of production requirements.

Foodpro 2023 Diverseco stand diagram

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