Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW) 2023 has been an exciting event for the Diverseco team. We’ve had a tremendous amount of enquiry for our robotics systems which lets us know the direction that Australian manufacturers are heading in. We’re very proud to be able to support Australian manufacturers through these systems and look forward to working with customers to enable their operations to thrive.

amw 2023 diverseco karl on stand

Technical Sales representative, Karl Frankish, explaining the wonders of the Weld Mate 355

Robots, robots, robots!

Being showcased on our stand was the new and revolutionary addition to the welding space – the Weld Mate 355. This system is ideal for high-mix, low-volume welding operations and is designed specifically to work alongside your existing welders as the welder’s mate. The complex, high-value welds can be completed by your skilled welders and the menial, repetitive tasks can be relegated to the Weld Mate 355.

In addition to the welding capabilities that can be delivered through our collaborative robots, we also showcased an industrial robot on a linear traversal track that is more applicable to larger-scale manufacturers or manufacturers who have large or complex welding requirements, or high-throughput requirements.

The last robotics solution on display is another new addition to the robotics space, through collaborative robotics, with our cobot palletiser with an integrated, additional 7th-axis through the OnRobot Lift100 (giving the cobot a max palletised height of 2.2m!)

AMW 2023 was a great experience for our robotics team, who all enjoyed the informative and insightful conversations with attendees. Thank you for having us, AMW 2023, and we look forward to the next one!