Sauer’s Bakehouse in the past has used metal detectors in both lines up until now. But Martin Sauer wanted to go one step further to increase food safety and to increase his competitiveness at the same time. Sauer wanted to start with X-ray Inspection at their line for fresh bread. The machine needed to replace the existing metal detector 1:1.

Normally the machine would be placed after the packaging machine, but as Sauer supplies packed and unpacked bread this was impossible. The machine needed to be installed directly after the cooling tunnel where the bread is received chaotically across the conveyor. To make it even more complicated there was a small space available, and workers were in proximity so that the X-Ray machine must be extremely tight in terms of radiation safety.

SC-4000 Bulk – Advantages of Modularity

The applied solution is the high-end modular SC-4000 X-ray scanner from Wipotec together with a special build rejection solution supplied by Diverseco. Due to the SC-4000 X-ray modularity it was possible to fit the machine in the line to meet the needs of Sauer’s Bakehouse.

Sauers bakehouse xray composite

With the bulk flow software package, the inspection could be managed even when the products a rived in this chaotic way, due to the unique VioX Camera Technology (with a camera resolution down to 0.1 mm for the highest detection capabilities). Wipotec can provide a 7-year warranty on this part of the machine, independently from any service agreement. Additionally, the machine is very easy to clean, which protects the product against microbiological contamination.

The radiation emissions were tested extremely low, making it very safe for the employees working in the factory of Sauer’s. All Wipotec X-ray scanner have a signal lamp, that indicates clearly, when the radiation is switched on. This lamp is part of the safety architecture, meaning if the lamp is broken the machine cannot be started. The same applies if the central door of the machine is not properly closed.

Why Wipotec & Diverseco

Like in all their investments, they asked three different suppliers to offer a solution with a special focus on costs in the long term, Martin Sauer explains. Because of the technical challenges it took a long time until a final decision was made, Martin adds satisfied: “Wipotec ticked all the boxes.”

Training: A Key to Success

At Sauer’s Bakehouse, employees are very loyal to the factory and knowledge about the process and the machinery is very i portant. Martin Sauer explained: The e ployees at Sauer’s “feel very responsible for” the equipment. “Employees need to understand what they do” and how to o erate the equipment with confidence.

The Result: Impressive Improvements

After installing and validation of the machine the result was quite impressive: In comparison to the Metal Detector the X-ray inspection system was validated to pick-up Stainless-Steel spheres with a diameter of only 1/3 of the ones picked up by the Metal Detector. The performance of the Wipotec SC-4000 is even better as the real limit archived in further trails was even lower. Besides the typical metals that can be found by a Metal Detector the X-ray can also pick up stones, glass, etc.

The Next Step

Sauer’s Bakehouse will observe the performance of the machine and then they are thinking about to equip also the second line with a similar system.

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