We recently had a food production and distribution customer approach us with an enquiry to assist them with their Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and Mass Management compliance.

They were in need of a solution that was space efficient and portable, given their limited site space, that can provide them accurate and reliable weight readings for their outbound trucks, ensuring they are compliant with Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). Being CoR compliant is a necessity for operations that are involved in the supply chain, as CoR breaches can result in fines and potential imprisonment.

We were all too happy to have this conversation, as we have available the ideal solution for the problems of not breaching CoR and on a site that is limited on space: enter the Low Profile Axle Weigher (LPAX), manufactured right here in Australia by Diverseco.

LPAX Composite with CAD

This particular LPAX project had with it the installation of a Driver Control Station (DCS). With the integrated (with the LPAX) DCS the customer can export all the necessary weighing data to an un-manned DCS that will automatically provide you a ticket with the information. Additionally, these systems can integrate into an existing ERP to provide enhanced Chain of Responsibility accountability.

LPAX install composite for COR 2

The DCS was then coupled with an Aurora 45 SL Remote Display, providing weighing confirmation (green for completed weighing transaction) and digitised weight readings for the driver. The system as a whole provides our customer with accurate weight readings in a low-profile and portable manner, and does not require an on-site operator to complete the weighing transaction as between the LPAX, the DCS, and the remote display, these transactions are largely automated and easily completed by the drivers themselves.

More about the LPAX

Specifically designed for weighing axle groups, Diverseco’s low profile axle weighers are modular, lightweight, easily transportable and fully portable weighing devices with a 30 tonne capacity. Installed as a stand-alone unit up to 65mm above ground, or in a 65mm shallow recess, weighing occurs on two 3.6m long tracks that enable the weight of each axle group to be captured efficiently. Because they sit almost flush with the ground, LPAX are designed to be used on a flat concrete hardstand or on an area when the land has been suitably compacted.

The LPAX weighs about 1.25 tonnes per wheel track and can be moved with just a fork lift. For this reason, portability is one of their major drawcards.

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