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Ideal for temporary sites, like small quarries and construction sites, our portable weighbridges are modular, lightweight, and easily transportable. Our portable weighing solution has been precision engineered to ensure easy, fast and stress-free installation and transportation, without comprising on reliability or accuracy.

Our portable weighbridges feature a relocatable deck constructed of steel. This deck sits on a movable frame that forms a solid base, which is then positioned on a concrete foundation (either in an above ground installation or a pit). Despite its lightweight design, our portable weighbridges can easily support the forces generated by truck traffic.

lpax portable weighbridge
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Accuweigh – Diverseco’s Australian-made Weighing Solutions

Prior to July 2019, Accuweigh was a Diverseco-owned company specialising in industrial and vehicle weighing equipment and solutions. In July of 2019 we merged Accuweigh along with our other legacy companies to become one consolidated Diverseco. Now, we’re honouring the Accuweigh legacy and the core of the Diverseco heritage by branding our weighing solutions that we manufacture here in Australia – weighbridges, axle scales, weigh-in-motion systems, container weighers, pallet scales, weighing software, and more – under the Accuweigh brand.

Accuweigh represents Australian-made, high-quality, precision weighing systems.

Benefits of portable weighbrides

About portable weighbridges

Relocatable weighbridge decks are typically constructed of all steel making them light weight and modular for easy transport and relocation. These decks can be positioned on to an existing concrete slab (assuming that the load ratings are acceptable) or a new concrete foundation can be constructed, either to suit an above ground installation or as a pit for an inground installation.

The all-steel deck construction means that these decks expand and contract with the weather which can affect the life span of the load cells. The lighter weight of the decks (as opposed to the heavier steel/concrete decks) means the rocking motion of the weighbridge (when vehicles enter and exit the weighbridge) is much more uninhibited which again can affect the life span of the load cells. For these reasons, all-steel weighbridge decks are recommended for temporary or short-term sites (up to five years).

  • Load footings rather than full foundation constructions to minimise costs.
  • Steel sub-frames under the load cells to make this a truly relocatable design.
  • Steel approaches and ramps which can taken from installation to installation to eliminate concrete approaches and ramps which are permanent to each site.
  • Load cells can be fitted with connectors (prior to supply) to assist assembly and disassembly.
  • The digital indicator can be mounted in an enclosure that bolts to the side of the deck.

The steel sub-frame is assembled from components, forming a rigid support base for the load cells and deck. For non-trade applications, earth ramps could be constructed to access the deck. Assuming that concrete load footings are used instead of a full concrete slab, the ground beneath the deck (between concrete load footings) must be treated to prevent growth of foliage. If the weighbridge is required to be used for trade purposes, concrete end walls will need to be constructed.

Above ground weighbridge diagram 1
Above ground weighbridge diagram 2

Turn your weighbridge into an operator-free system

With our Driver Control Stations

Through installing a Driver Control System (DCS) into your weighbridge, you can export all the necessary weighing data to an un-manned DCS that will automatically provide you a ticket with the information. Additionally, these systems can integrate into your existing ERP to provide enhanced Chain of Responsibility accountability.

Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Weighing Systems

On 1 October 2018, the new Chain of Responsibility
(CoR) provisions associated with Heavy Vehicle
National Law (HVNL) legislation HVNL came into
effect. These will have far-reaching implications for
the road transport industry and organisations with
road transport supply chains.

Existing obligations have been reformulated as
primary duties and any business or individual who is
involved in the road transport supply chain now has
a primary duty of care to ensure the safety of road
transport operations, including operations outside
of their direct control, within their supply chain.

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