Barcode Scanning In-Motion

2023-01-30T08:26:53+10:30 27th January 2023|

When it comes to the automation of capturing vital data on inbound (and outbound) products, accuracy and reliability are two of the most critical aspects for a system to deliver. And for freight operations, they need to know that they have received and dispatched products successfully. Read More

Diverseco Open Day Adelaide

2023-08-16T13:38:48+09:30 23rd November 2022|

On the 22nd of November we held our very first Diverseco Open Day, showcasing the newly available Weld Mate 355 cobot welding unit. The Weld Mate 355 is one of the most revolutionary additions to the manufacturing space and one that we are all too proud to put on display at our facilities around the country.  Read More

How Safe Are Cobots?

2023-08-16T14:04:58+09:30 17th October 2022|

One of the key elements in the introduction of the cobot – and the fact that is has the ability to work near and close to humans – is the safety that is inbuilt into the cobot itself. Read More

What Are Cobots?

2022-10-17T12:00:54+10:30 11th October 2022|

Collaborative robots, also known as “cobots”, are smaller, safer, and collaboratively-intended robots that are designed to work alongside humans in a collaborative workspace. They are a revolutionary addition to the automation potential of manufacturers of all sizes – but not just manufacturers. Read More