Pit and semi-pit weighbridges for CoR and legal-for-trade operations

Manufactured in Australia by our in-house team

Ideal for sites with restricted space or shared traffic, our pit weighbridges are perfect for vehicles that need to be weighed whilst being loaded. Available in single, twin or multi-deck configuration, pit weighbridges occupy less surface area than above ground weighbridges. Plus, they do not require on and off ramps or guide rails. This makes them the perfect choice when a long weighbridge is required at a small site.

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Semi Pit Weighbridge
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Accuweigh – Diverseco’s Australian-made Weighing Solutions

Prior to July 2019, Accuweigh was a Diverseco-owned company specialising in industrial and vehicle weighing equipment and solutions. In July of 2019 we merged Accuweigh along with our other legacy companies to become one consolidated Diverseco. Now, we’re honouring the Accuweigh legacy and the core of the Diverseco heritage by branding our weighing solutions that we manufacture here in Australia – weighbridges, axle scales, weigh-in-motion systems, container weighers, pallet scales, weighing software, and more – under the Accuweigh brand.

Accuweigh represents Australian-made, high-quality, precision weighing systems.

Benefits of pit and semi-pit weighbridges

About pit and semi-pit weighbridges

Pit weighbridges are designed for use in narrow spaces as they eliminate the need for the 1 meter clearance along both sides that is required for the maintenance and cleaning of above ground weighbridges. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, as the weighing surface of a pit weighbridge is flush with ground level, construction of pit weighbridges requires excavation work, effective drainage, and more concrete reinforcing. Unlike imported products, Diverseco manufactures superior quality, Australian made pit weighbridges that are custom built to meet our customer’s requirements.

Full pit in ground weighbridge

Full pit weighbridges

Full civils required

Fully inground weighbridges provide a completely level weighing surface with the surrounding ground level. Access to the load cells must be made either by including access holes in the deck or to the side of the deck as part of the foundation design. Since vehicular traffic often travels adjacent to the deck, the access hole covers are designed and constructed to take the expected vehicle loadings.

Drainage must be considered, either as a sump or as a drainage pipe, and must be located where most effective and appropriate for the site. Fully inground weighbridges claim the least surface area of a site than any other weighbridge type. However, they are the most expensive weighbridge type to construct due to the extensive excavation work required and slightly more concrete and reinforcing required.

Above Ground Pit Weighbridge Diagram

Semi-pit weighbridges

Full civils required

Semi-pit weighbridges have side walls that act as retaining walls. They may be block-filled walls or poured concrete walls and are located atleast 0.75m from the side of the deck. Note that additional reinforcement may be required in the side walls if you intend to allow vehicular traffic to travel adjacent to the side walls.

Since the deck is at ground level, no ramps are required. This may be important where a site is limited with available space for a weighbridge. Drainage is also another important consideration. Either a sump pump or drainage pipe must be installed, and must be located where most effective and appropriate for the site.