WA’s Largest Oats Processing Company Embraces AccuWeigh’s “Never Obsolete”

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WA’s Largest Oats Processing Company Embraces AccuWeigh’s “Never Obsolete”

2019-06-13T16:15:14+09:30 22nd October 2015|

Western Australia’s largest Oats processing company has recently received a supply of new end of line product inspection equipment as part of a plant expansion. The AccuWeigh supply consisted of two new Fortress Stealth BBK High Sensitivity Metal Detectors and two new OCS EC-E-EVO check-weighers.


“The Fortress “Never Obsolete” promise brought satisfaction to the customer when they bought their first Fortress Stealth systems two years ago, having experienced other brands that regularly became obsolete.” said Regional Sales Manager, Jeremy Hembrough. When the expansion project came to fruition the renewal of the choice of the Fortress product was a natural easy decision.

“No one likes to buy equipment to find it is obsolete as soon as they need spares. With the Fortress product the systems are 100% backwards compatible, so the latest advances can be retrofitted into machine #1 if this is desired”, Hembrough said. With detection of contaminants down to 1.2mm or better in such a large bag of product and “Never Obsolete” proves that the Fortress equipment is second to none.

The other part of the supply was for two high quality checkweighers. AccuWeigh were very happy to be able to specify the EC-E-EVO from OCS, the world’s leading manufacturer of checkweighers. “This is such a high quality product, in many cases costing equivalent to cheap “flat pack” systems and imports that don’t have the duty cycle, spare parts and service back up or the build quality that is available through AccuWeigh with the OCS product”, Hembrough said.

The checkweighers interface with various downstream equipment including laser printers and a robotic palletiser to complete the check weighing rejection process should any of the bags be outside of the required weight tolerance. “We can also interface with upstream equipment including the bag maker to provide feedback for bag size correction as well”, Hembrough said.

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