Hoppers Converted to Weigh Hoppers for NSW Macadamia Grower

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Hoppers Converted to Weigh Hoppers for NSW Macadamia Grower

2019-06-13T16:15:14+10:30 12th October 2015|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland branch recently supplied Kelba KA5000 trade-approved load cells (and junction boxes) to a macadamia grower in Numulgi, a small town north of Lismore, NSW. This customer installed these load cells themselves to convert three of their storage hoppers to weigh hoppers.


After this initial installation work, AccuWeigh Queensland subsequently visited the site to terminate the load cell wiring and install and calibrate three IT1000 AC panel-mounted digital weight indicators, one for each weigh hopper. Calibration was performed allowing the weigh hoppers to be used for trade weighing purposes. That is, this customer can use the weight reading of these hoppers to sell its macadamia nuts to other companies which will process the nuts further.

A Star Micronics TSP654 slip printer was also supplied and connected to two of the digital weight indicators to allow each of these hoppers to print individual weight transactions. A manual rotary switch was supplied to allow the operator to manually select which hopper would print a standard, formatted docket.

Converting existing storage silos, bins and hoppers to weighing devices is relatively straightforward and provides companies with increased efficiency and traceability with their suppliers and customers. Conversion kits can be provided to customers, as with this project above, or AccuWeigh can manage the complete conversion from start to finish. If customers wish to perform some of the conversion themselves, AccuWeigh can provide support and instructions to ensure proper installation of components