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Sweet Outcome for Queensland Sugar Mill

2019-06-13T16:15:00+09:30 26th July 2018|

A weighbridge, located at a south-east Queensland sugar mill, was recently refitted with all new load cells. The old load cells, Avery T302X load cells, were working well at the time. However, their age, replacement price and lengthy unavailability (no stock is held in Australia) should a breakdown occur would mean that the weighbridge down-time would have been crippling for the mill, especially during the busy sugar season. This customer therefore decided to be proactive and have all the load c… Read More

The advantages of a driver control station

2019-06-13T16:15:04+09:30 6th July 2017|

Weighbridges play a vital role in a variety of industries from agriculture to mining, logistics to waste management and many businesses would simply not be able to function without this measurement and data collection equipment. However, in tough economic environments where many organisations feel real bottom-line pressure, there should always be scope to purchase systems and services that enable them to reduce costs, simplify workflow and improve efficiencies – and that applies to the way… Read More

A Buyers’ Guide To Weighbridges

2019-06-13T16:15:05+09:30 18th April 2017|

When you are looking for a weighbridge for sale, it  is important to remember than weighbridges are a significant capital investment and play an integral role in how efficiently a site operates. For this reason, it is worthwhile taking time to understand how they work, what the key features are and the differences between the various designs. There are many different types of weighbridge available, each of which is designed for optimum performance in a specific setting.  Various factors need t… Read More

Essential Features You Need In An Industrial Weighbridge

2019-06-13T16:15:06+09:30 3rd April 2017|

At face value, a weighbridge or truck scale may not stand out as a key contributor to productivity and profitability, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover just what a valuable asset they are. Technological advances have meant that weighbridges have moved way beyond merely serving as weight measurement instruments.  They are now powerful management tools, acting as an important critical control point and providing crucial information about the supply chain. However, not all weighbridge… Read More

WA Pastoral Company’s New 18m Weighbridge

2019-06-13T16:15:06+09:30 5th February 2017|

AccuWeigh recently completed the installation of an 18m long, above-ground weighbridge for a pastoral company north of Albany that were looking to satisfy Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations. As with most large companies, it’s important to check the accuracy of product weight arriving to and leaving from site. A weighbridge is the most accurate way to determine vehicle loading of incoming and outgoing trucks at this critical control point. To further enhance their site’s productivity,… Read More

The Advantages Of A Shipping Container Weigher To Meet Chain Of Responsibility Requirements

2019-08-30T15:32:23+09:30 14th November 2016|

Historically, only vehicle drivers and operators were responsible for complying with transport laws but now anyone who has control or influence over any transport task, including those capable of exercising control or influence, are parties in the ‘chain of responsibility’ and may be deemed liable in the event of a breach of the road laws. The ‘Chain of Responsibility’ (CoR) legislation aims to improve compliance to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and was introduced to exte… Read More

Factors Affecting Weighbridge Accuracy

2019-10-25T12:31:51+09:30 27th August 2016|

A weighbridge is a valuable asset for any operation in the bulk transportation and logistics industry and many companies depend on the information gathered at this critical control point for a number of important things including resourcing, invoicing and cost control. Accuracy and integrity is paramount for both the buyer and the seller and in many places, including Australia and New Zealand, weighbridges that are used for trade purposes have to be monitored and checked regularly to ensure opti… Read More

What Do I Need To Consider When Choosing Between A Pit Or Surface Mounted Weighbridge

2019-06-13T16:15:10+09:30 18th May 2016|

Once you’ve made the decision to install a weighbridge, the next step is choosing between a pit-mounted or a surface-mounted one. It’s a decision where you need to consider many different factors to ensure that your investment delivers value for money and that it performs optimally under all conditions. It’s worth outlining the basic differences between the two types before delving any deeper into the how you should go about choosing which one is best-suited to your situation. As the name… Read More

Steel Deck Weighbridge and Sub-Frame for NSW Site with Contaminated Soil

2019-06-13T16:15:13+09:30 21st December 2015|

AccuWeigh New South Wales recently supplied, installed and commissioned an 18m above ground, steel deck weighbridge to a waste recycling facility in Sydney. As this was an existing, fully operational site, the customer chose to purchase a steel deck weighbridge to minimise disruption to their site traffic. Read More

Truck Body Builder Uses Low Profile Axle Weigher to Check Mods

2019-06-13T16:15:13+09:30 16th December 2015|

One of AccuWeigh's popular low profile axle weighers, our model LPAX, was recently installed at a truck body building company in Bundaberg, in southern Queensland. The LPAX is an economical alternative to a full length weighbridge and its very low profile (the weighing surface being just 64mm above ground level), compared to other axle weigher designs, means that it can deliver a more than acceptable accuracy for weighing vehicles. Read More

SA Quarry’s Weighbridge Converted from Mechanical to Electronic

2019-06-13T16:15:14+09:30 3rd December 2015|

AccuWeigh's Port Adelaide branch recently completed a refit of an older steel deck Hawke mechanical in-ground pit weighbridge for a quarry at Reynella. With the deck needing repairs to remain viable, AccuWeigh were on hand to decommission the weighbridge and support the client during the deck removal. With the deck out of the foundation AccuWeigh removed the mechanical lever system and created plinths in the foundation for supporting new loadcells. Read More

Electronic Weighing Equipment Updated for a Brisbane Waste Transfer Station

2019-10-28T08:52:18+09:30 29th April 2015|

AccuWeigh Queensland has just recently completed the updating of a digital weighbridge to a Brisbane waste transfer station in Willawong, a southern suburb of Brisbane. The weighbridges located at all Brisbane City Council waste transfer stations were first installed by AccuWeigh Queensland (then called Queensland Weighing Machines Pty Ltd) back in the early 1990s. Read More