Sweet Outcome for Queensland Sugar Mill

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Sweet Outcome for Queensland Sugar Mill

2019-06-13T16:15:00+10:30 26th July 2018|

A weighbridge, located at a south-east Queensland sugar mill, was recently refitted with all new load cells. The old load cells, Avery T302X load cells, were working well at the time. However, their age, replacement price and lengthy unavailability (no stock is held in Australia) should a breakdown occur would mean that the weighbridge down-time would have been crippling for the mill, especially during the busy sugar season.

This customer therefore decided to be proactive and have all the load cells replaced with AccuWeigh’s AccuCell 30t load cells (before a breakdown occurred), which are far cheaper and far more readily available (large quantities are kept on our shelves at all times). In the event of a future breakdown, weighbridge down-time has now been reduced to minimal and the mill’s operations can remain largely unaffected.

The customer’s decision would not have been possible without one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians providing the advice regarding the lack of availability of the Avery T302X load cells and sounding a warning. At AccuWeigh, we feel obligated to advise our customers of risk so that they can manage it.

The mill, at 130 years old, is one of the oldest mills of its type in Australia and the only one that’s owned privately, coming down through five generations of the Heck family.

AccuWeigh is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of new weighbridges. However, we employ a large number of service technicians at each of our six branches which retain valuable industry knowledge and make retrofitting and upgrading existing weighbridges possible for our customers.

To learn more about upgrading weighbridge load cells, visit http://diverseco.com.au/service/weighbridge-repairs.php.