Forklifts scales ideal for most forklift types

Know your loads at any time and prevent overloading your forklift

Forklift scales are the ideal solution for accurately capturing (and monitoring) the weights currently imposed on your forklifts. These systems are completely wireless, allowing your operators to take full advantage of their overload prevention capabilities anywhere while operating.

The driver display positioned within the cabin displays the weight in 1-5kg increments, with scale functionality of gross and net weighing and total weight per shipment. This functionality makes iFork installed forklifts ideal for checking inbound deliveries and determining shipping weights, directly on the forks of your lift truck.

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RAVAS iForks forklift scale product

Ravas iForks

For forklift weighing applications

High accuracy, next generation iForks, powered by compact Lithium ion battery packs. No cabling, installed in minutes. Standard with Bluetooth 4.0 data transfer.

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Benefits of RAVAS iFork forklift scales

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