WA Pastoral Company’s New 18m Weighbridge

>WA Pastoral Company’s New 18m Weighbridge

WA Pastoral Company’s New 18m Weighbridge

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AccuWeigh recently completed the installation of an 18m long, above-ground weighbridge for a pastoral company north of Albany that were looking to satisfy Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations. As with most large companies, it’s important to check the accuracy of product weight arriving to and leaving from site. A weighbridge is the most accurate way to determine vehicle loading of incoming and outgoing trucks at this critical control point.

To further enhance their site’s productivity, this customer also purchased AccuWeigh truck weighing software and a data printer, both of which enable this customer to print weighing transaction tickets for their drivers. This feature eliminates the need for weighing at a public weighbridge, of which there are none available nearby to this very remote site.

AccuWeigh is a leading supplier of weighbridges in Australia with an extensive catalogue of weighbridge types, sizes and weighbridge accessories to suit any budget. We have supplied weighbridges to virtually every type of business and have the technical expertise to offer weighing solutions to complement our customers’ needs and enhance site productivity.

Why not contact our nearest branch to enquire about an obligation-free quotation and the extensive range of weighbridge peripherals and systems that we offer?